WATCH: Peoria, IL Crowd Of 200 Turns Violent –13 Shot, 2 In Serious Condition

Peoria, IL — Police were called to the intersection of Water Street and Hamilton Street at approximately 4:41 this morning.  When they arrived they saw a large crowd of “nearly 200 people” in the middle of a brawl.  Shots rang out and at least 13 people were shot.

Police found “an adult male who was shot in the neck and a female who was shot in the back.”

Meanwhile, Peoria Police spokeswoman Amy Dotson said that as of 7:00 this morning, none of the injuries were expected to be life-threatening.

Dotson also said “multiple shooters were involved, and the shooting is a result of a dispute between groups of people.” When asked if the groups were gangs, Dotson said it was “groups of people fighting.”

That’s not really an answer, but if you can read between the lines, you might reach the right conclusion.

Check out this two minute video uploaded by somebody at the fight:


We estimated that at least 50 rounds were shot into that crowd.  The fact that nobody was killed is mind-boggling.

But Illinois Has LOTS of Gun Control

First of all, this mass shooting should be plastered all over the news, but it won’t be because the leftist narrative is that only white racists have guns and randomly shoot people.

But besides that, Illinois has very strict gun control in comparison to the states around it.  For example, Illinois requires their citizens to go through the paperwork and fees to get a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card from the state before being allowed to buy a gun.

No doubt all the people in that video had current FOID cards and concealed carry permits!