WATCH: Michigan Cop Shoots, Kills Man After He Stabbed A Gas Station Customer Who Demanded He Wear A Mask

Windsor Township, MI — A Michigan sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a man who was suspected of stabbing another man who challenged him about not wearing a mask in a local gas station.

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call to the Quality Dairy story on Lansing Road in Windsor Township.  The call came at 6:47 am; the caller reported that a man had come into the convenience store and stabbed another patron who challenged him for not wearing a mask.

By the time Michigan State Police and the Eaten County Sheriff’s offices arrived, the man who allegedly stabbed the other man took off in his vehicle.

An APB was posted and at 7:13, a Sheriff’s Deputiy saw the vehicle in question driving North on Jerryson Drive.  The officer made a traffic stop.

Watch what happened after that, but be aware that the video might be disturbing for some.

In body camera footage, you can hear the female officer — a 22-year veteran of the police force — shouting at the man.   “Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon!”

San Ruis, 43, of Grand Ledge was holding a knife and a screwdriver when he got out of his car during the traffic stop.  When the man attempted to attack the police officer, she shot him multiples times.  You can see her pause to clear a jam in her gun, and then firing again before Ruis finally fell to the ground.

Ruis was taken to a nearby hospital where he died during surgery.  The police department said that the stabbing victim was also taken to the hospital and is alive — no details on their condition.

Defund The Police?

Can you imagine what a ‘well-trained’ mental health expert would do in this situation?  Be killed, more likely than not.

This cop did everything by the book.  It’s never a good thing when a cop has to use their weapon to take a life, but hopefully this officer will be able to sleep at night knowing that this man brought about the circumstances of his own death.

Also, we counted eleven shots total, but even after six shots, the guy was still walking and coming towards the officer. THIS is why ‘high-capacity’ magazines are needed by everyday citizens. If it took 11 shots to drop one man, imagine if you’re facing a crowd of 3 or 5 criminals?

High capacity magazine bans cost lives.  Defunding the police costs lives.  But the anti-gun crowd will push for both, ignoring stories like this one!