VA Sheriff Who Said He Would “Deputize Thousands” To Protect Their 2A Rights Follows Through On Promise

Culpeper County, VA — We reported earlier this year hoe Sheriff Scott Jenkins said that he would “deputize thousands” of citizens to protect their gun rights if it came down to it.

What sounded awesome, but likely unnecessary, is getting closer to becoming a reality as Jenkins has started to ready his office for that possible reality.

Now that Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and his Bloomberg-sponsored crew have passed major gun control in Virginia and threatened much worse in 2021, Jenkins is taking the necessary first steps to deputize his citizens in order to exempt them from the new regulations.

In a recent Facebook post on the Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page, Jenkins has requested current sworn, retired or former law enforcement officers to serve as “voluntary background investigators” to help process what Jenkins believes will be thousands of applications from gun owners to become ‘reserve deputies.’

You can check his post out here:

In preparation for the potential passage of unconstitutional gun restrictions that ban the ownership of “assault weapons…

Posted by Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, July 20, 2020

At a County Board of Supervisors meeting held on July 7th, Sheriff Jenkins reiterated his commitment to defending the Second Amendment.

Jenkins told the Supervisors, “I’ll say again, if the previous bill, or similar legislation, to ban so-called assault weapons and high capacity magazines is passed, I will swear in thousands of Reserve Deputy Sheriffs in Culpeper. My authority is not limited to swearing in only residents of Culpeper County and I intend to exercise my authority fully within my discretion to do so.”

Lesser Magistrates For The Win

THIS guy has Northam’s number and is calling him out on his tyrannical power-grab.

The idea that the lesser magistrate should intercede between the citizens and the higher magistrate is as old as English common law.  Sheriff Jenkins has figured out that while the common citizen can’t tell Northam where to go without risking jail time, his office has been vested with power to tell Northam just that.

This is the sort of courage that ALL of our elected leaders and legislators should have. Sadly, men like Jenkins often stand alone because the legislators in their district are so hungry for power that they’ll do whatever the left tells them to do.

He’s one of good guys, and gun owners in Culpeper County are lucky to have him!