St. Louis Couple Served With Warrant, Gun From Viral Photos Seized By Police

St. Louis, MO — The Saint Louis, Missouri couple who made headlines in June for defending their house from a mob of trespassers were served with a search warrant on Friday evening.

Officers confiscated the rifle carried by Mark McCloskey.  The couple’s lawyer has possession of the pistol carried by Patricia McCloskey during the confrontation with the mob.

There are no charges against the couple at this time; the warrant served was only for the guns.

The warrant was issued around 8:00pm and police arrived shortly after to retrieve the gun from the photos.

Later in the evening, Late Friday evening the McCloskey’s new lawyer, Joel Schwartz confirmed that the warrant had been served.  He also confirmed that he was taking over their legal case in place of attorney Al Watkins.   He said that no charges are expected at this time.

Meanwhile, the couple lives in the jurisdiction of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.  Gardner is as radical as they come.  She is anti-gun in the extreme and gun owners in Missouri know that she would happily press charges against the McCloskeys if she can find the thinnest of reasons.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.