Shootout at Chicago Funeral Home Leaves 15 People Shot — Lightfoot Blames Trump While Her City Burns

Chicago, Il  — Around 6:30 last night, mourners were gathered outside a funeral home on 79th street when a black SUV drove by, unleashing a hail of bullets into the crowd.

Some of the mourners were armed, and returned fire.  The SUV made it only a short distance down 79th before turning onto Carpenter St, still shooting all the way.  Not far down Carpenter, the SUV crashed.

The driver and several passengers ran off on foot, and police are still searching for the suspects who ‘fled in every direction.’  Meanwhile, 15 adults were wounded and were taken to five different hospitals.  Of those adults, nine are listed in serious condition.

An eyewitness, Arnita Gernder told reporters, “All we saw was just bodies laying everywhere. Shot up everywhere, all over. Legs, stomach, back, all over the place. We thought it was a war out here.”

Police have reported that one person is being questioned, but no arrests have been made nor the names of suspects released.

This latest shooting just adds to the ever-climbing total of citizens shot in America’s third-largest city.

They Can’t Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

Mayor Lori Lightfoot objected strongly to President Trump’s call for federal intervention in these Democrat controlled cities — cities that have become bloodbaths in recent weeks.  But for the law-abiding citizens of Chicago, this ‘summer of love’ is a summer of lawlessness.

Disarming the population with strict gun control — and defunding the police! — means one thing: criminals run free in the streets because they know there’s nobody to stop them.

The left gnashes their teeth when Trump threatens to get involved in their cities, but they won’t stop the violent criminals who have all but taken over the streets, either.

The left can’t lead.  They can only demand obedience destroy.  True leadership inspires people to follow you willingly.  For Lightfoot and the other leftist mayors, they don’t inspire that — as their own citizens make more clear by the day.