San Diego Police Shoot Minority Suspect In The Back, Protests Begin Immediately–Until Footage Exonerated Officers

San Diego, CA — The left is desperate to find more examples of the systemic racism in America’s police departments —despite the fact that more than a quarter of all police officers are ethnic minorities.  That’s the only way they can justify this summer of looting, rioting and murder.  After all, several hundred dead people is worth it if we stop a single racist, right?

That’s why when two police officers in San Diego shot an ethnic man on the evening of June 28th, the Black Lives Matter crowd was quick to claim the police had shot this black man unjustly.

Within a few hours, more than 100 protestors had gathered to protest the police brutality that they claimed had left the ethnic man critically wounded in the hospital.

People on 6th street who left their offices for lunch were greeted by the sight of more than 100 protestors gathering for Ibarra.

Here’s the back story.

It was just before 6:00 in the evening on Sunday, June 28th when two police officers saw a man in a bright red track suit.  That was pretty eye-catching, and when they looked at him, they saw a very recognizable facial tattoo.

The tattoo told them that this was Leonardo Hurtado Ibarra, 25.  They knew that Ibarra had a wanted flier out in relation to a robbery on June 21st –just one week prior.

The police got out of their car and approached the man, but he started to run off.  According to eyewitnesses, he dropped what he was carrying and then the police shot him.

Immediately, the protestors took to the streets.  Armed with only a handful of details, they claimed the man was shot without any justification.

The San Diego Police scrambled to get ahead of the protests — which so often devolve into riots.

Within 24 hours, they released four different camera angles, including both officers’ body cameras, a security camera from a nearby business and a streetlight camera.

The clip below is 11 minutes long, and contains all four camera’s footage, one after the other:


“Hey man, let me talk to you for a second,” one officer says as he walks toward the man, who is walking away on a sidewalk. “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

The other officer, who approaches the man from the middle of the street, interjects, “Hey, let me see your hands!”

The video clearly shows the suspect drop what was in his hands –which the eyewitnesses had seen — but the video also shows the man pull something out of his waistband and point it at the two officers.

It turned out that the object was a revolver wrapped in a bandana.

Police didn’t say how many times Ibarra was hit, but he died in the hospital two days later.

Rioters Deflated

Sadly for San Diego’s protestors, BLM, and Antifa, the quick response of the San Diego Police department means that they’ll have to do their Christmas shopping like the rest of us this year.

No Auto Zone wiener cookout, no establishing a CHAZ/CHOP bio-hazard zone in the middle of San Diego.

But all sarcasm aside, the quick response and transparency of the San Diego Police is exactly how these events should be handled.

The video also goes to show that a running criminal can easily be ‘shot in the back’ while still presenting an active threat to the officers and people around him.

After the shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta in the middle of June, many people on the left drew attention to the fact that Brooks was shot in the back — implying he was no threat or the officers were cowards.

Law and Order.  Cops are needed.  Bad cops need to go, police unions that protect bad cops need to be busted.  But BLM is dead wrong that the world would be a better place without cops at all.