“Police Violence Is Gun Violence” Says ‘Moms Demand Action’ Founder Shannon Watts

Shannon Watts is just another paid Bloomberg shill, but still, it’s worth paying attention to what she says.  After all, if your enemy will tell you about themselves, you should listen and believe them.

This week, Shannon Watts told a reporter at Fortune Magazine that Moms Demand Action as an organization takes the anti-cop stance in the national debate that’s sparked since the death of George Floyd.

The interviewer asked:

There was already a strong connection between the movement against police violence and the movement against gun violence; some “Mothers of the Movement” like Rep. Lucy McBath have devoted their efforts to the broader gun violence prevention movement. How has the recent movement for racial justice affected the movement against gun violence?

Shannon Watts replied:

Police violence is gun violence and that’s why our movement must be responsive as well. We’re partnering with leaders and organizations who are experts against policing. We’re committed to working with them to address white supremacy and racism at its roots. We are seeing an appetite among lawmakers to push through anti-police brutality legislation.

All the left is working together to destabilize the law and order in America.  Why else would an organization againt private ownership of guns now be anti-police?

Isn’t that why we don’t need guns, ourselves?  Because we can just call the cops?   After all, they’re the professionals, right Shannon?

But wait!  The left has changed the narrative and Shannon Watts jumps to whatever tune her leftist billionaire master tells her!

So the police are the bad guy now, too.

So we’re supposed to be disarmed and without the help of police in the new America of angry rioters who attack innocent people at random.

Leftists Don’t Have Any Principles They Won’t Sell Out

Freedom-loving Americans need to face the reality of our situation.

Saying that our side represents ‘the silent majority’ helps us to feel better, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that we’re not the majority by much — and likely not for long.

These people smell the blood in the water and they’re waiting for America to stumble and fall.  That’s why radicals like Mrs. Watts are so quick to change their position as their narrative advances.  They used to say one thing, but once the narrative moved left, so did their position.

And these anti-gun, anti-freedom leftists just keep taking more and more ground.

Speak now, or lose our country.  That’s the position that gun owners are facing.