Joe Biden Is Coming For Our Guns, Wants To Effectively End The 2A According to His Campaign Website

Joe Biden’s campaign website rolled out “Joe Biden’s Plan to End Gun Violence” and it’s bad.  The left tries to mock us and tell us ‘they’re not coming for your guns!’ but it’s becoming more obvious to gun owners that they’re lying.

Biden’s platform reads like a gun control nightmare.  Some of the items he’s mentioned as goals of a Biden administration include:

  • Banning the sale of guns and ammunition online, including kits and even gun parts.
  • Mandating that only 100% smart guns be sold.
  • Limiting a purchaser to no more than one gun per month to stop “stockpiling.”
  • Banning ‘assault weapons’ and standard capacity magazines.
  • Banning so-called “ghost guns” and home builds.
  • Mandatory government “buy-back” or registration of some “scary” rifles and magazines.
  • Universal background checks on all gun sales (excepting very close family members, only)
  • Make anybody convicted of a misdemeanor “hate crime” ineligible to own guns –permanently.
  • Create a program where anybody who is no longer allowed to own guns –for whatever myriad of reasons — will be forced to turn them in to the government.
  • Allocate government funding to incentivize states to pass “Red Flag Laws.”

To which any thinking gun owner replies: How are you going to enforce all this new gun control?  Surely not with the police!

After all, they’re the enemies of the left and need to be defunded and spit on and mocked at every turn!  Do you think they’re going to enforce your B.S. regulations against the American people when you’ve cut their pay and made every day more stressful than the last?

Or maybe he’ll unleash his own ‘shock troops,’ the paramilitary arm of the Democrat party, ANTIFA? Are all Americans going to be subject to burning and looting and rioting and protesting forever unless they bend the knee to Sniffy Joe?

Four More Years Of Trump Won’t Hold This Off Forever

Gun owners, if you’re still watching TV, turn it off.  Go out and meet your neighbors and find people who are like-minded.  Diversify your income.  Maybe move to the country and start a garden.  Take this time away from distractions like sports to take a good inventory of where you are and where you need to be.  Make a plan.

And while you’re at it, join a vicious state gun group who is ready to fight tooth and bloody nail for your gun rights.  We’re going to need both a local support system and state level protection from Federal laws here soon.

We’re hopeful that Trump will win but it’s looking like we’re only buying time until things get much more complicated for gun-owning, America-loving patriots who remember what made America great.