South Carolina: Five UPS Employees Arrested, Charged With Stealing Guns From Packages In Transit

LEXINGTON, S.C. –  Lexington County deputies placed five UPS employees under arrest last week for allegedly stealing guns that were being shipped through the UPS hub they worked at in West Columbia.
The five, Byron Burke, 19, Jalen Green, 19, Dishon Kinney, 18, Kenyon Peters, 18, and Tre’von Williams, 19, have been charged with breach of trust.  Kinney and Peters are believed to have concocted the plan and have been charged with Criminal Conspiracy.
The Lexington County Sheriff Jay Coon said, “The UPS’ security team called us in as soon as they became aware of guns being stolen from incoming trucks. Once we started our investigation, detectives determined Kinney and Peters devised a plan to steal guns from incoming packages at the UPS hub.”
An investigation uncovered that the crew were working together to identify packages that contained guns in shipments from incoming trucks.
They would steal guns that came through, and then sold or gave away the guns.  They did all this on company time, no less .
The five were arrested on Thursday, July 16th and have been released from the Lexington County Detention Center after meeting conditions of their bond.

Some Of The Guns Recovered By Police

Gun Control Can’t Contain Criminals

Imagine the gun owners waiting for those guns!  In some states like Illinois, they were forced to go through the paperwork and fees of the FOID process.  Then they had to get a permit to carry — including classes and fees, range time and more.  Then they had to earn the money to buy the gun and pay to have it shipped to a licensed FFL dealer.
And in ten seconds, five criminals found a way to skirt all of those regulations and red tape and get their hands on guns anyway.
This case perfectly illustrates why gun control only ever stops the law-abiding from being able to protect themselves.