BREAKING: VA Governor Northam Is Trying AGAIN To Pass Assault Weapon Ban This Year — Special Session Called For August

Richmond, VA — Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia has a mission: to beat the law-abiding citizens of his state into submission. That’s why Virginia’s gun owners weren’t surprised to learn today that Governor Northam will be holding a special legislative session this August — and that gun control will be one of the items up for discussion.

Keep in mind that this special session was originally slated to talk about the economic impact of the Corona scare.

But as the narrative of the media changed from scaring the citizens with Corona to scaring them with riots following the death of George Floyd, so did Northam’s special session.

Now, the topic is going to be Criminal Justice Reform.  We’re sure all the people who have lost thousands of dollars to the Corona scare will be grateful.

That said, Northam has specifically said that he wants to revisit the ‘Assault Weapons’ ban.  Yes, the exact same gun that homeowner Mike McCloskey of St. Louis used last week to defend his home, his wife, and his own life from an angry mob.

The exact date has not been announced for the special session.  The Speaker of the House, Eileen Filler-Corn has said only that it will happen in ‘late July or August’.

Additionally, Northam specifically wants to revisit HB961, a pernicious piece of legislation that included an ‘assault weapons’ ban but that got held over until the 2021 session.

Northam has already promised to come back with more gun control in 2021, but what better time to pass an ‘assault weapons ban’ than when you’ve ordered most of your state to stay home unless absolutely necessary?

Playing Hardball, and Playing For Keeps

The Virginia playbook is the new playbook of the left.  Gun owners should take notice, because this is how they’re going to play the game from now on.

The will try to pass 15-20 gun control bills at one time –knowing that not all of them will pass but ALSO knowing that cowardly, sellout Republican legislators will cut them a deal so they seem moderate and reasonable.

At the end of the day, the left will have gotten 90% of their gun control bills passed and Republicans will have sold out another few hundred yards of ground.

All the while, gun owners are told to see this crushing defeat as a victory.  That’s right.  Sellout political organizations back sellout politicians and the two traitors hold hands while they cheer that they stopped the left from taking that last 10%.

But the next session marches around, and the left is back for more.  And this time, gun owners have wised up.  They don’t believe the big pro-gun organization — because they’re in bed with the sellout politicians!  So they don’t vote at all.  Why bother?  There aren’t any candidates with the spine to stand up to the left, anyway!

And the domino effect that is Virginia’s disaster accelerates to a free fall.