Anti-Gun Group Hates Trump For Quashing Violence In Big Cities — Proving Again That They Don’t Care About Safety

Chicago, IL — The gun control crowd is full of lying liars who lie.  Their war cry for decades has been that gun owners need to give up their gun rights to protect lives of innocent people.  And woe to all gun owners everywhere if a child is hurt by a gun — because they’re collectively responsible!

But national headlines right now show how the left lies to accomplish their goal of a political takeover.

Many cities across the country have seen non-stop protests — nearly all of which have  devolved into violence and destruction of private property — for over fifty days.  Only Portland makes the news but it’s happening all across the country.

Rioting ‘protestors’ have caused damage in Austin, TX, Aurora, CO, Seattle, WA, Oakland, CA, Omaha, NE, Louisville, KY,  St. Louis and more just in the last weekend but the local media isn’t covering those stories.

When President Trump offered help, Democrat mayors across the country spurned his offer.  But as the violence continued, the pressure became too much for the mayors.   In Chicago alone, more than 1,900 people have been shot this year — and increase of over 550 than last year at this time!

What about the babies?!  What about innocent lives lost?  Why doesn’t the left care about the innocent children?!  See, our side can rely on hysterical emotion, too!

Operation Legend

President Trump finally sent in Federal Troops to protect Federal buildings.  The left — suddenly aflame for the concept of ‘states rights’ — called those officers “Jackboots” and “Storm Troopers.”

They don’t want Federal troops — that won’t stop the rioters!  Only GUN CONTROL will stop the shootings that are rising across the country!


Just to be clear, Kris Brown is the head of the anti-gun Brady United organization.  And her comment isn’t a ‘one off.’  Her organization issued a statement that said in part:

Brady urges the federal government to listen to impacted communities and local leaders rather than add federal policing to American cities. While Brady supports federal policies to address gun violence, this “surge” in policing does not accomplish that goal and has been rejected by local officials. Rather than engaging in more over-policing, the federal government should instead listen to experts, local officials, and those most affected by gun violence to identify and understand how to reduce gun violence in urban communities.

So you read that right.  Gun control groups want more gun control laws and fewer people on the streets to enforce the law.

They like Federal policies that trample states rights and band guns….but they don’t like Federal policies that stop the left’s lawless and violent Antifa.

They Hope We Have Forgotten

The anti-gun crowd didn’t say a word about saving lives when when rabid Democrat Governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo and California’s Gavin Newsom worked to decriminalize hundreds of crimes — literally giving criminals a free pass to victimize citizens.

When the Covid Scare began, they didn’t say a word when tens of thousands of criminals were released from jails and prisons across the country.

When the rioting looters committed hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage in a few weekends, the left didn’t mind.

But once somebody says that troops should be sent in — instead of gun control passed — then they’re angry.