WATCH: CHAZ Warlord Is Handing Out AR-15s Inside Seattle’s Leftist Paradise

Seattle, WA — The anti-gun, anti-police left has set up an ‘autonomous zone’ in Seattle to show the rest of us hateful racist capitalists how loving and kind the world would be without us.

Of course, they just need a few AR-15s to keep people in line.

Check out reporter Andy Ngo’s tweet showing ‘warlord’ rapper Raz Simone handing out AR-15s to anybody over the age of 18.

We’re pretty sure that guy hasn’t ever held an AR-15 before.  We’re also fairly certain that’s not how the gun laws work in Washington state.

Did you see anybody handing out AR-15s at ReOpen rallies?  No, of course not.

It’s shocking how fast the radical left’s ideas become transparent:  they don’t want peace and prosperity for all.  They want a violent society with them at the top.

They’re not anti-gun — they’re anti YOUR gun.

It’s becoming more obvious every day that they would rather have power — and destroy America in the process — than allow our side to have any power at all.