Two Shot, One Fatally, In Seattle’s Utopian CHAZ/CHOP Zone — Less Than Two Week Of Paradise

Seattle, WA — Reports are coming out of Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” that there has been a fatal shooting in the leftist paradise early this morning, Saturday, June 20th.

In an irony lost on exactly nobody, the occupying leftists called Seattle’s finest to help after the shooting around 2:30 this morning.  Witnesses said they heard six shots, though this footage only captured two.

Cell phone cameras caught some of it:

Some local residents call police, but CHAZ/CHOP has a strict ‘no cooperation’ policy when it comes to the police.

There were contradictory reports from the New York Post , which reported that both victims were driven to a hospital in a private vehicle.   Meanwhile, Newsweek said that the second shooting victim was transported by police.  They further noted that that “the second victim had a gunshot wound to the arm and chest.”

Locals are posting reports:

The Post said that “a security employee working in the area reported seeing the shooter arrive in a black SUV and a 911 caller told police a man left the vehicle toting a rifle in the early morning hours at the end of Juneteenth celebrations.


One of the two victims, a 19-year-old male, later died at the hospital.  There are no suspects known at this time.  No word yet on the motive.

That Didn’t Take Long At All

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone/ Capital Hill Occupied Protest has only been in existence for twelve days.  But already, the gathering of antifa, anarchists, and far left true believers has thoroughly embarrassed itself for violating every principle of leftism that they claim to support.


When the radical left tells you that the world would be better without guns, remember this.

When they say that the world would be better without white people, cops, or any other group they don’t like, remember this.

Their worldview only happens through extreme violence concentrated against the many by the few.  Their little world is only propped up via subsidization by outsiders.

If the far left had it’s way, all of America would be one enormous CHAZ mess, complete with public defecation, tent cities, and filth.

We can’t let that happen.