Rioters in Raleigh, NC Tear Down Two Statues, Leave One Hanging From A Lightpost By A Noose

Raleigh, NC — The skirmishes between the ‘peaceful’ leftist protestors and the rest of the sane world are cropping up all over the country.

But in Raleigh, NC, it seems the rioting protestors were sending a message.  Last last night –Juneteenth– two statues were toppled on the North Carolina’s State Capital lawn.   The destructive protestors pulled down two bronze soldiers that were sitting on the base of a 75-foot Confederate monument.

But in a new turn of events, they hung one of the statues, a cavalryman, by it’s neck from a nearby streetlight.

The other statue of an artilleryman was torn down and dragged through the streets.  The rioters left that statue on the Wake County courthouse steps.

It was later recovered by police.

This was the base of the statue before the destructive mobs vandalized and destroyed the monument.

As these violent protestors have torn down and defaced statues and monuments all over the country, it’s become clear that this isn’t about slavery or the Civil War.

They’ve destroyed statues of George Washington, Ben Franklin, and even Abraham Lincoln!  Additionally, and even more tragically, they defaced Boston’s Shaw Monument, dedicated to the first all-volunteer black regiment out of Massachusetts.

Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw’s 54th Regiment

The Left Is Escalating

While our Republican state and local leaders do nothing, the radical — and now openly violent — left is continuing to show us their true colors. Many of our young people are so propagandized to hate America that they’re little more than a leftist mob.

And when you hear the hate and anger in all the videos from dozens of different riots nationwide, you realize that this isn’t a rational, thoughtful objection to wrongs from the past.

This is a frothing, boiling hatred right here and now.

If ANY other people had torn down ANY other statue and strung it up like this in a mock up of a lynching, the media wouldn’t stop screaming about it.  It would be rightly seen as a threat.  Heck, just the presence of a noose — not even racially or hatefully created — has been enough to start the hate machine that is our media going full steam.

But the leftist media won’t say a thing about this lynching.

Because they WANT America to fall.  They WANT America to become a leftist hellhole.  They want violence and revolution, because those are required by Marxism in order to bring about a communist future!

That’s why the radical left and their media outlets hate our gun rights.  That’s why they are so inconsistent about addressing violent inner city crime and gang violence.  It’s also why they ignore their failed gun control in Chicago, Atlanta, all of California and everywhere else it’s been implemented.

They want to disarm American patriots so they can destroy her and build a Marxist dump in her place.

Fight for your gun rights and get involved in the political process — before our side is shut out of the political process altogether.