Philadelphia: Groups of Citizens With Baseball Bats Standing Guard Against Rioters

Philadelphia, PA — Local residents have had enough of hiding in their houses for one year.  When peaceful protests quickly turned into riots, many residents were forced to stay in their homes as the riots carried on fro several days in a row.  But no more.

Eyewitnesses report that several groups of citizens have come out of their houses and are marching with baseball bats in their hands to defend their homes and businesses from looters and vandals.

Check out this video:




Why are they carrying baseball bats?  Wouldn’t two or three guys with guns be just as effective?

Here’s why:  Preemption.

The far left cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh control the politics of the state.  The anti-gun mayors and county prosecutors have made those two cities into a gun control nightmares.

These citizens — many of whom are scared of losing everything they’ve worked for their entire lives — aren’t sure where they can and can’t carry their guns because it varies based on where you’re standing in the state, county, and city.

So baseball bats are the only ‘lethal’ weapon they know won’t give police cause to arrest them if they step over some invisible boundary line.

Bad Gun Laws Cripple Gun Owners

Like so many other states, Pennsylvania is a largely rural state with a pro-gun population whose politics are unfairly controlled by two urban areas.

There’s even a saying in the Keystone state that you either live in “the T” or not.  The ”T” refers to the fact that the rural areas run right up the middle of the state and spread out in the arms of a T.  If you live there, your gun laws are slightly less oppressive and most folks are conservative.

But in the two corners of the state — below the arms of that rural “T” — sits the two bloated, tax-gobbling, gun-controlled cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

And while they’ve got more gun control laws than the rural T, they’ve also got the vast majority of the state’s crime.

Nobody is surprised by that except the leftists.

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

Pennsylvania suffered through the Corona scare under a really nasty governor.  Gov. Tom Wolf ground his citizens beneath his boot, threatened to close gun stores and did all the ‘Corona Tyrant’ edicts that other far-left Democrat governors did.

He’s one of those sadistic governors who forced nursing homes to accept Covid-positive patients –who weren’t even geriatric — or lose their funding.  This guy is two steps below the maggots on road kill.

And while Pennsylvania has Stand Your Ground law, it’s a weak version of the law that gets dissected by preemption laws all over the state.

Like in New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and so many other states, the rural gun owners are getting the shaft.  These people who pay the bulk of the taxes and commit very little of the crime are left with nothing but baseball bats when the chips are down.

If Ever You Should Have A Gun…

THIS scenario is exactly why the Second Amendment exists!  Roving bands of violent criminals destroying property and looting and these citizens’ hands are STILL tied?!

That is NOT what our Founding Fathers wanted in this country and we need to fight these oppressive laws tooth and nail.

Wolf’s tyrannical anti-gun edicts during Corona and now this?  Enough is enough.