New Bill Filed In Idaho: Any Jurisdiction That Defunds The Police MUST Eliminate Restrictions On Private Gun Owners

Boise, ID — One Republican legislator in Idaho has had enough of the left’s insane rhetoric.  Russ Fulcher, a Congressman from Idaho’s 1st district, is taking action in light of the left’s dangerous efforts to defund the police.

That idea — defunding police — seemed insane a few days ago but is becoming a reality all over the country.  What’s been missing is the sort of response that Americans expect from their Republican leadership: standing up to the thugs.

That’s why Fulcher’s bill, House File 1013, is such a breath of fresh air.

Essentially, the bill stipulates that any jurisdiction that votes to defund their police must also, simultaneously, lift restrictions on the right of citizens to purchase and carry guns.

Here is the text of the bill in it’s entirety  — and it’s brevity is another breath of fresh air!


Resolving that jurisdictions seeking to dismantle or reduce funding for the jurisdiction’s police force should not unduly burden residents who seek to defend themselves.

Whereas the killing of George Floyd was a horrific and despicable act;
Whereas racism in any form is wrong and should not be tolerated;
Whereas adequate and accountable police departments are vital to helping people to defend themselves and their property; and
Whereas the right to defend oneself is a God-given natural right enshrined in the Constitution and upheld in English common law and recent Supreme Court cases: Now, therefore, be it that – 

(1) any jurisdiction in the United States, which seeks to dismantle or reduce funding for a police force, should undertake a review of its local rules to ensure such rules do not place an undue burden on its residents who seek to defend themselves, including the legal purchase of a firearm and any training services such individuals choose;

(2) such a review should be based on the standards set forth by the Supreme Court in the cases District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, which confirmed the Second Amendment to the Constitution to be an individual right and that no law can prohibit an individual from possessing and using a firearm in the home for self-defense; and

(3) any jurisdiction which seeks to dismantle or reduce funding for police agencies must ensure they remove rules that hinder individual gun ownership or access to firearms.


That’s all of it.  The entire thing.

It’s shockingly simple:  If the radical left wants to defund the police, they have to let the citizens have guns.

That’s Now How The Left Wants To Play The Game

Russ Fulcher is a patriot, standing for the rights of gun owners while other legislators, mayors, police chiefs and city council members all over the country are showing voters that they’re utterly spineless — and thus worthless.

Their cowardice is even more pathetic in light of their paralyzed unwillingness to condemn the violent mobs sweeping our country.

This sort of resistance from the right HAS to start swelling up from all corners of this country.  These leftists aren’t only trying to ‘end racism.’  They’re trying to take away every single right that Americans hold dear — by dismantling our entire political system that upholds them.

And it’s time our leadership fought back — before we have to fight back one at a time.