Joe Hidin’ Says That Teachers Should Be Disarmed, Wait For Police In Event Of A School Shooting

Conveniently enough for senile Democrat presidential Joe Biden, the Covid Scare and subsequent riots after the death of George Floyd have given him a break from the public eye.

But unfortunately for him,  his own website is still up and working.  And that’s where we found this gem of stupidity on gun control.

Biden’s website openly states that he wants to end the use of any federal funds used to arm, train or equip teachers for defending their classrooms.

As of this morning, says, “We should be passing rational gun laws, not requiring educators who already have too much on their plates to also protect the safety of their students.”

Later in the statement, it says, “Biden supports barring states from using federal dollars to arm or train educators to discharge firearms.”

In addition to that stupidity, Biden’s Education Plan for School Safety includes this goal in the effort to keep our kids safe at school: “defeat the National Rifle Association.”

A Bad Plan Is Not Always Better Than No Plan

So in his war against school shootings, two weapons that Biden is bringing to the table are: removing federal funds that are used to train teachers in using a gun to defend their students….and defeating the NRA.

Ironically, Biden’s cognitive decline is so advanced that he doesn’t realize that the NRA has pretty much defeated itself since 2018.

But imagine the free-for all that schools will be come when the attackers know that nobody inside the building with be able to mount an armed response to them.

The lunatics already know that they’re facing an easy target — they’re trying to shoot kids, after all –and this will only make them more eager to attack schools.

During the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school attack, the lunatic had more than nine minutes to shoot up the school before he met armed resistance.

Then in February of 2018, the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooter was able to reload five times because he knew that the teachers weren’t allowed to keep guns on the premises.

It’s Not About The Kids

Disarming teachers won’t save any kids.  Joe Biden knows that.  But like all leftists, our kids in our schools are just fodder to them.  Once the anti-gun left has disarmed the teachers, they’re leaving our kids like fish in a barrel.

And then when the next school shooting happens, they’ll go after our guns next like they always have.