88-Year-Old Store Owner Arrested For Shooting Thief In Her Liquor Store, Says She’s “Fed Up With Criminals”

Nashville, TN — The owner of a mom-and-pop liquor store in Nashville made unlikely headlines this week when she taught an attempted thief a lesson his Mama obviously didn’t teach him.

May Bell Boyce is an 88-year-old liquor store owner.  She has owned Murfreesboro Road Liquor and Wine since 1994.  She told police that she has worked in her store six days a week since then — and we believe her!

That’s why when she came face to face with two thieves in her store, May was not going to let the lowlifes get away without telling them she meant business.

Boyce reported to police that two black men entered her store around 8:30 pm on June 16.  Instead of looking in the aisles like normal customers, the two men immediately walked behind the counter where the large bottles of vodka were located.

May Boyce told them to get away from there and out from behind the counter.  Instead of listening and obeying, one man asked where she kept brown liquor while the other man grabbed several bottles of vodka.

Boyce confronted the bottle-grabbing man, identified as Ramon Fisher, according to her account to police. Fisher “lunged” at her and ran toward the store’s exit.

That’s when Boyce reached under the counter and pulled out her late mother’s .38 Smith & Wesson snub nose revolver.  Boyce said that she didn’t intend to hit the man, but only to warn him.  She had never pulled the trigger on a gun before in her life, and she pointed it at the floor near the man’s legs as he ran out the door with the liquor in his hands.

She shot once, but struck Ramon Fisher in the back instead of warning him.  He fell over into another tower of liquor bottles.  That’s when May Bell called police.

“I did what I had to do, and I hope word gets out on the street that I’m fed up and I’m not taking it anymore,” she told The New York Post Saturday. “You’ve got to stick up for yourself sometimes.”

“I did what I had to do,” added Boyce, now out on $10,000 bond. “After you’ve been played for a fool by people stealin’ from you for years, you get fed up. And don’t put me in the category of a little old lady. I know how to take care of myself.”

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When Police arrived, they took the wounded thief to the hospital and later arrested May Bell Boyce for ‘aggravated assault.’

Meanwhile, Ramon Fisher admitted to police that he and his accomplice were high on drugs and intended to rob May Bell’s liquor store.

The next day, Fisher completely changed his story and said that he and his accomplice –identified only as “One Eye” — HAD intended to pay for the liquor, he had never lunged towards the old lady, and had never ran towards the door.  No mention of if he levitated towards the door after being shot or what…

The Locals Know The Real Deal

Locals quickly came to the business owner’s defense — one even reported that May Bell had been assaulted during a robbery just months ago.

She shouldn’t have shot a warning shot, but we’re sure glad this feisty lady is still alive and kicking!  Hopefully those thugs get the message:  don’t mess with May Bell Boyce!