70-Year-Old Michigan Homeowner Awoke To A Thug In His House, Fatally Shot Intruder Lunging At Him

Coloma, MI — Michiganders have had a terrible year.  For one homeowner in Coloma, MI, it got worse early Thursday morning when an intruder broke in his front window and entered his home.

The unnamed homeowner is 70 years old, so when he heard a window break at 2:30 in the morning, he knew that he wasn’t likely to be younger or stronger than whoever was breaking into his house.

So he grabbed his handgun to help even the odds.

When he came into his kitchen, there was a strange man standing in his house.  The homeowner ordered Kevin Cox, 47,  to lay down on the ground.

Cox ignored him, even though the homeowner was pointing a gun right at him.  The homeowner yelled it again, “Get down on the ground!”   But still Cox didn’t comply.

And then Cox made the wrong move:  he thought he would call the homeowners bluff .  Cox lunged towards the homeonwer.

But Cox guessed wrong.  The homeowner fired a single round, which struck Cox.   Then the homeowner called police.  By the time authorities arrived, Cox was dead.

When police arrived, they reported that “the homeowner came outside with his hands up when officers arrived” and spoke with police. He told them he did not know Cox.

Neighbors were not reportedly familiar with Cox either.

Michigan’s Citizens Are Already On Edge

After the hell their governor put them through since March, it’s understandable that Michiganders are on edge.  Earlier this week we reported how a 22-year-old man on his way to a golf game was confronted by an armed black man in the middle of a busy street who was shooting rounds at passing cars.

That 22-year-old, like this 70-year-old homeowner, was prepared for the moment he might have to defend himself.

And two crazy criminals — who took their lives into their own hands — have learned a lesson the hard way.