WATCH: Seattle Rioter Finds M4 In Burning Cop Car, Gets Disarmed Fast

Like so much video footage being caught by cell phone cameras, this next piece is short on details.

In the original Reddit thread — now shut down — where it was posted, some commenters claimed that the guy who disarmed the protestor was an undercover cop.  That would make sense, given the way he moved and carried himself.

Maybe he’s just a good guy with a gun.  We don’t know, but either way, this footage is compelling.  Other reports coming out say that there were two of the guns in the police car, and one is still missing.


Those cop cars were set on fire on 5th and Pine St, so at least that much of the video is accurate.

Elsewhere in Seattle, rioting protestors have closed down all lanes of Interstate 5 in either direction as protestors are crowding the freeway.   The National Guard has sent more than 200 troops to reinforce the Seattle Police Department as they deal with the expansive civil unrest.

The entire city is under a curfew from 5:00pm until 5:00 am, but that hasn’t stopped a crowd from gathering in the downtown areas.

Lord knows what this country will look like come morning but we’ll keep you posted.

Stay safe, keep your powder dry.