Shannon Watts, Head Mom, Attacks Dr. Rage as Pro Gun, Doesn’t Realize She’s One Of Her Own

Last week, the gun world was laughing about Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay — who we have affectionately nicknamed Dr. Rage.  Located in Selinsgrove, PA, the doctor, minister, school board member and politician made a fool out of herself in a now-viral facebook post.

Dr. Rage didn’t like re-open protestors who had gathered the week before in Harrisburg, Pa without masks.  She posted on Facebook that if any protestors threatened to come within six feet of her, she would use her concealed carry permitted gun to shoot them.   You can read the whole story here.

Apparently Shannon Watts missed the memo that Dr. Rage was one of their own.  She posted the following on her twitter page:

Watts and the other commenters on her thread seemed to think that Dr. Rage was a gun-toting Second Amendment supporter.


Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay is a Democrat candidate for House Representative!  And while running for office, she received the endorsement of the organization that Shannon Watts heads up!

See this article, where Rager-Kay proudly announces that she has the Mad Commie Mommies support:

She also got a big boost from the Orange Wave crowd,

Actually, we kinda like that guy!  Thanks for bringing him to our attention!

But it wasn’t a one off:

That’s right!  Dr. Rage is a “gun safety champion” for the hard left — but they’re so dumb they think she’s one of ours.

Nah, she’s not ours and you can keep her!  We don’t need unhinged lunatics threatening people with guns.  Hurting people just because they disagree with you is an old tactic of the radical left, not gun owners!