Relatives Sue Academy Sports Store That Sold Bullets used in 3 Missouri Killings

Springfield, MO — The family of three people killed by an illegal alien in 2018 are suing Academy Sports and Outdoors for selling bullets to a woman who later gave them to the killer.

According to the lawsuit, the employee at Academy Sports should have known or realized that when Nyadia Burden purchased the ammunition at the store, she intended to give it to Luiz Perez.

Luis Perez, 24, was legally prohibited from buying ammunition because he is an illegal alien who had no driver’s license.  Additionally, he was also facing unrelated felony charges.

Perez took the ammo from Nyadia Burden and  illegally obtained a gun from Sabrina Star, 21.  He went on a rampage and shot his two ex-roommates, 38-year-old Steven Marler and 23-year-old Aaron “Josh” Hampton, to death on October 31st, 2018.

He then went back to Sabrina Star and fatally shot her, as well.

According to the lawsuit, Perez, Burden and a third friend, Aaron Anderson,  tired to purchase ammunition at Walmart but were denied.  After they left Walmart, they went to Academy, where an employee made the sale to Nyadia Burden.

The lawsuit contends that the Academy employees should have checked if Perez was legally able to buy ammunition since he and Perez were together.  The suit claim that Perez handed her the box of bullets and gave her $20 to pay.

Talk About Missing the Forest For The Trees

Instead of focusing on the violent criminal — remember that he was in the country illegally — the family of one of the victims is focusing on the store who sold the ammunition he used.

The family filed their lawsuit on May 1st and are asking for “compensation for pain and suffering” and money to cover the funeral expenses.

This is similar to suing a car manufacturer for a drunk driver hitting and killing a family member.

The Hampton family claim to be pro-Second Amendment, but are suing because they want to ‘to encourage firearm dealers to obey regulations designed to keep guns and ammunition out of the wrong hands.’

Just imagine all the situations that could be thought up where Academy would have to turn down a perfectly legal purchase because one member of the party isn’t legally allowed to buy ammo.

What if a Dad comes into the store with his underage son to buy some ammo?  Should they turn that sale down, since they know that the son is underage and not legally able to purchase them?  A mom comes in to buy more self-defense ammo but has her baby in a car seat?  Are they required to card every single person in a party if one is buying ammo? We’re not sure of the law in Missouri, but we’d imagine that Academy would have faced penalties for breaking that law if that was the case.

No, it seems more likely that Academy Sports has money where Luis Perez does not.  Any sane person would realize that Luis Perez is the problem, not a lack of gun control.