PICTURES: South Side Minneapolis In Ashes, City Steels For Another Night Of Riots, Looting From Protestors

By now you’ve seen the video of George Floyd being smothered by St. Paul police officers.  From what we know right now, George Floyd appeared to be murdered in cold blood by four members of the Minneapolis Police Department.

We’re the last people to pretend that if somebody is carrying a badge, they should be above the law.

But whatever you think about what happened, these images show a mob, not a protest.  How is stealing a new TV going to bring justice to your city?  How is destroying brand new — not yet opened — apartment complexes in your area going to help your neighborhood?

That’s what’s in the featured image as the thumbnail for this story: brand new apartment complexes being burnt to the ground before they ever opened.

Burning cities and looting isn’t something that we do in America.  We don’t burn down unrelated businesses.  We don’t destroy parked cars.  We don’t threaten the private property of innocent people.

What has the rest of the country learned?  That this Corona lockdown stuff has created a pressure keg and it could go off anywhere at any time.

It’s a damn shame that the Republicans who control Minnesota Senate haven’t passed Stand Your Ground or done one single thing to advance gun rights while they’re the majority.  THIS WEEK should prove to them that their inaction borders on criminal — leaving citizens without the legal protection of Stand Your Ground law while the city is being burnt to the ground around them.

Carry every single day and now more than ever.  This craziness is why we have the right to defend ourselves and our property!

And if you happen to live in Minneapolis, don’t forget to wear your mask when you’re out looting tonight or you’ll face a $1,000 fine from Governor Walz!  OUTRAGEOUS!