OKC Woman Shoots Three Employees in McDonald’s Because The Dining Area Was Closed for Corona Virus

Oklahoma City, OK — A woman is in custody after opening fire in a McDonald’s restaurant and shooting three employees.  Police say the woman was angry that the dining area wasn’t open due to concerns about the Corona Virus.

The woman, Gloricia Woody, 32, is in custody after her angry rampage on Wednesday night.  She’s being charged with four counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, according to police Capt. Larry Withrow.

Captain Lithrow told how the events unfolded.

Ms. Woody entered the lobby and wanted to sit down to eat, but the employees told her that the dining room wasn’t open.   “(Woody) was asked to leave by an employee but refused, ”leading to a physical altercation between Woody and one employee.”

Withrow went on: “The suspect was forced out of the restaurant by employees. She reentered the restaurant with a handgun and fired approximately three rounds in the restaurant.”

Three Injured Were Minors

Like these people aren’t already having a bad day at work!   Woody shots three times and harmed three employees.  One employee was hit in the arm, another was hit by shrapnel in the shoulder, and a third had shrapnel strike them in the side.   Additionally, the employee who got into physical fight with Woody sustained a head injury during the fight.

What’s worse?  These were just kids!  Withrow reported that all three employees who were injured in the gun fire were 16-year-old boys.  The young woman with the head injury was only 18-years old.

Police initially said two employees were struck by gunfire but later amended it to specify that shrapnel caused two of the injuries.

The employees are expected to make a full recovery.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski commented on the instance — and said that it’s part of growing tensions over restrictions on people’s daily lives.

Kempczinski said, “What you’re seeing in this situation is really what you’re seeing in a variety of situations across the country, which is this tension about opening and people’s concern about it,” he said. “But there’s absolutely no excuse for violence, particularly gun violence, so I’m just happy that our people are going to be OK.”

That’s what you’d expect a billionaire leftist to say: blame the gun, not the crazy lady using it illegally.  No word yet on whether Ms. Woody owned and carried that gun legally, but even if she did, it’s not legal to shoot people just because you can’t eat your Big Mac where you want to.

“You Can’t Shoot A Virus”

No, but you can defend yourself against lunatics like this lady, who shot three people over a hamburger.  And that’s exactly why gun sales are skyrocketing: because social unrest can get ugly, fast.

If these quarantines go on much longer, more and more people who already had poor mental health will be growing increasingly desperate and isolated–and in this lady’s case, angry.

Bad mental health conditions lead to bad decisions.   Carrying a gun is just one way to make sure you’re not made a victim in these crazy times.