Officer Who Cowered Behind Police Car During Parkland Shooting Gets His Job Back

Parkland, FL — One officer who was fired following the shooting at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School has gotten his job back.  The Broward County Sheriff’s Office had fired Sgt. Brian Miller after discovering that Officer Miller had hidden behind his car rather than confront the shooter.  Seventeen people were killed in the school on that day in February of 2018.

But thanks to his Union’s efforts, Sgt. Miller is back on duty.

Miller was “one of the four deputies who were terminated because of a ‘neglect of duty’ in the Feb. 14, 2018, Parkland shooting” according to the Miami Herald.

The three other officers were Edward Eason, Joshua Stambaugh, and Scot Peterson.  Scot Peterson made headlines at the time, since he was not only fired but was arrested for simply standing outside the building while the shooter was shooting people within a few hundred feet.

Miller, however, “lost his job after it was found he hid behind his car as the first shots rang out,” according to the Herald.

And just to be clear, Miller hasn’t gotten it back because his actions were cleared.  No, his union rep has declared his firing is void because of a technicality.

The Herald continued, “Arbitrator Danielle L. Hargrove concluded that the report on the investigation was “flawed” and that Miller should be reinstated due to a procedural issue and poor wording: The 180-day time limit for the investigation to be completed had expired because of improper language in the report.”

So Miller is back on duty and will get back pay as well.

Warm Fuzzy Feeling?

Wouldn’t you feel all safe and cozy knowing that this hero is patrolling the streets of your town?  He’s a real High Noon hero.

Of all the things that went wrong at Parkland — remember that the shooter passed a background check at Dick’s Sporting Goods — the one thing anti-gunners aren’t talking about is how it shot holes in their tired old arguments.

“You don’t need a gun, that’s what the police are for!”   “Just call the cops if you’re so scared!

What happens when you call the cops and he’s a scared ball of terror and refuses to help?  What if he’ll crouch behind his police car while kids are shot and killed?

Buy a gun.  Get your paperwork in order.  Train both mentally and physically.

Because self-defense is the only kinds that matters when the clock is ticking.