NY Woman Who Advocated For Gun Control Changing Her Tune Now That Killers Are Being Released

The left is fickle…and that’s putting it nicely.  This story is a good example of the anti-gun crowd’s inability to use common sense and extrapolate data to other people’s circumstances.

In New York in 1983, a sick, violent man was angry at being rejected by the best friend of the girl he was dating.  See? Not right in the head.  When Pamela Sharon, 21, didn’t consent to relations with him, 24 year old Bruce Haims beat her to death with a walking stick.

He was later arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to 25 years to live in prison.  He became eligible for parole in 2008 but has been denied since that time.

Until this year. In April, the parole board granted Bruce Haims request for release. We’ve got plenty to say about that madman Cuomo and his policies of letting lunatics loose to prey on the citizens of his own state, but we’ll deal with that later.

Lisa Sharon, younger sister of murdered Pamela is outraged that Bruce Haims will be walking the streets as a free man as early as May 26.

In comments to the New York Post, Sharon commented that allowing such a dangerous man out of prison has shaken her belief in gun control laws.

Sharon said, “I’ve always been a gun-control advocate. But if the state of New York refuses to protect me and my family from a vicious murderer, we’re left with no choice but to protect ourselves. I am therefore applying for a gun license.  It’s the Wild West all over again.’’

Sharon went on to say that once he’s released, Bruce Haims will still be a threat:

“Outside of prison, without prison structure and without enforced medical management of his disorders, it’s almost a certainty that a casual rejection could precipitate an unforeseen danger, most likely for women.’’

Additionally, the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and other officials have consistently agreed with the Sharon family that Haims should not walk free.

We Couldn’t Agree More

This is where the anti-gun crowd seemingly loses the ability to extrapolate data or use common sense.

Firstly, Bruce Haims had to commit that crime before he could be arrested and imprisoned.  How much better if young Pamela had access to and training with the family firearm?  She might still be with us today.  The left’s anti-gun policies ensure that there is always a first victim that can’t defend themselves.

Secondly, the anti-gun left assumes that all bad guys are caught.  Ms. Lisa Sharon is rightly enraged that this man is being allowed to walk the streets around thousands of women who don’t know that he’s a violent killer.  But Ms. Sharon doens’t realize that women (and men) are walking free after committing violent crimes every day! Be it through technicalities, lack of evidence, or whatever, not all bad guys are in prison.  Gun owners know this–that’s why they carry guns!

The Left Won’t Connect The Dots

We applaud Ms. Sharon for advocating so hard and for so long for victim’s rights.  But she’s not doing victims any favors by pretending that getting a gun is such a terrible thing to be forced to do. It’s a very common sense thing to do — especially for women, who are oftentimes at a physical disadvantage when facing an attacker.

And that’s to say nothing of the radical left’s lenient stance on criminals that so often allows monsters like Bruce Haims to walk free in the first place.  In our opinion, he should have gotten the death penalty back in 1984 and not cost the taxpayers of New York to house, clothe, and feed him for the last 61 years.

The left cries for open borders, shorter prison sentences, no bail required for lower income people in high crime areas, and more.  And then they demand more gun control when the inevitable crime wave comes crashing down on our society.  Connecting the dots is too hard for some, apparently.

Ms. Sharon, we’re glad to have you and we’re terribly sorry about what happened to your sister.  Hopefully you’ll feel safer with a weapon on your person and soon become an advocate for the Second Amendment.  It won’t fail you like the court system has.