NY Store Clerk Arrested For Shooting Knife-Wielding Robber With Unlicensed Gun

Brooklyn, NY — An employee at a Brooklyn, NY grocery store  has been arrested after using an unlicensed gun to shoot a man who was holding up a the store with a knife on Monday night.

Local news reported that just after 11:00pm, the suspect entered the Rose Family Grocery Store holding a knife and demanding money.  The clerk argued with the robber, who then threatened the clerk with a knife.

That’s when the clerk pulled out his gun and shot the alleged robber, Edwin Candelario, 25, several times.

The clerk called the police and an ambulance rushed Candelario to the hospital.  He was later pronounced dead.

Now the clerk, who police have not yet identified, is under arrest.  According to reports he “was not licensed to have the gun” and that’s why he’s been arrested.

Meanwhile, police have video of the alleged robber waving a knife around.  Initially, Edwin Candelario’s family claimed that he had been wrongly attacked and was only in the building to get some keys he had left behind earlier in the day.

Later, after the footage verified the clerk’s version of events, they admitted that Candelario had been drinking.

Meanwhile, the clerk sits in jail, charged with criminal possession of a firearm.

These Gun Laws Are Criminal

New York is notorious for terrible gun laws and here is just one more example!  This guy was being threatened by a –likely intoxicated– man with a knife.  The footage backs up his story.

But instead of being at home with his family tonight, he’s sitting in a jail cell because he didn’t pay a fee and file a form.

But then it’s not all bad!  If he hadn’t had that gun, he could be laying now.

Gun control laws only give the illusion of safety to scared, weak people.  They do nothing to stop crime, and they don’t make anybody safer.  And in this case, they’re doing real harm to the true victim.