Nevada County Sheriff Says He Will NOT Answer Calls About Social Distancing Violations, Cites Right To Assemble

One brave Sheriff in Nevada took to his official Sheriff’s Facebook Page to take a stand against draconian, excessive quarantines.

Sheriff Jesse Watts of Eurika County, Nevada posted on Sunday afternoon after two people had called in their fellow citizens for not following the rules of ‘social distancing.’

You can read his response here, but since ‘controversial’ posts like this have a tendency to disappear, we’ve got a screen grab as well.

Apparently the calls into Watt’s office were prompted when somebody saw their neighbors gathering for a Birthday party.  And then, horror of horrors, a church was holding and OUTDOOR service!

Sheriff Watts didn’t mention that his county doesn’t currently have a single patient who has tested positive for Covid-19, much less has died from it.  In fact, the entire population of the county is less than 2000 people.  Why on earth would these sorts of measures be necessary in a place like this?  Ridiculous.

But rather than take the easy way out–saying his office won’t answer those calls because they’re too busy, etc–Sheriff Watts took the opportunity to stand against the unconstitutional edicts currently in place.

He said,

The constitution of the United States allows us the Freedom to Assemble, and the Freedom of Religion. No emergency declaration that’s been signed can take those god given rights away from us.

I spoke at UNR in February, and I talked about how the protection of those rights are up to each of us. People choosing to excursive their rights to assemble is their step of protecting these rights.

From birthday parties to church services, these are the rights of the American people, and just because you don’t like what they’re doing, doesn’t mean you’re right. You have a choice to stay home, just as they have the right to assemble.

In closing, it is my stance, that the men and women of the ECSO will not be taking enforcement action on any of Governor Sisolak’s “Orders” that clearly violate our constitutional rights.”

That’s a real Sheriff right there.  Just as we’re the first to give a shout out to Sheriffs that stand against phony gun control laws, we want to do the same for Sheriff Watts.   if the Constitution can be violated by gun control laws, how much worse when the violations aren’t even real laws, but simply edicts that were never voted on by legislators?

Sheriff Watts is the real deal.