Nanci Pelosi Wants To Use Corona Relief Money To Get Gun Control Passed, Anti-Gun Politicians Elected

We shouldn’t underestimate the radical left’s willingness to capitalize on tragedy.  While millions of Americans are out of work and in fear for their lives –rightly or wrongly– Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barging ahead with efforts to co-opt the Covid relief efforts for her own ends.

Nancy has submitted her eighteen-hundred-page bill to be the foundation of America’s fifth COVID-19 relief package.

The total price tag for her bill?  Three trillion dollars.  And worse, enormous sums would go to some of the most radical anti-gun governors out there.  Governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York, Gavin Newsom of California, and Gretchen Witmer of Michigan.

And Pelosi isn’t going to do anything obvious like put Red Flags in the bill, because such a move would ensure it didn’t pass.

Instead, she’s going to play the long game: get more anti-gun democrats elected.

How can she do this?  By using the Covid Recovery plant to the Democrats’ advantage.  This can be done by changing the election rules so as to make ballot fraud a foregone conclusion.

Specifically, Pelosi is advocating for billions of dollars in ‘Relief funding’ to be given to states who do the following:

  • Switch to mail-in ballots;
  • Dramatically increase unregulated early voting;
  • Give the green light to “ballot harvesting” — a practice where Democrats hire shysters to stand outside voting places with handfuls of  ballots and magically they all get filled out.

What could possibly go wrong?

Mail-In Ballot Fraud In California

California has this.  You can mail in or drop off your ballots even up to a week after an election. This has already resulted in FOUR pro-gun Republicans in Southern California losing their election  — AFTER the election date– as the Democrats knew exactly how many Democrat voters needed to ‘drop off’ their ballots to steal the victory.   How handy for them!

Additionally, California’s Democrat party hired political operatives –some of which were illegal aliens– who were going door to door to “pick up” ballots.

No oversight or verification happened.  The result was a prominent Republican who was the ‘winner’ on election night but who watched as, magically, just enough ballots turned up over the next week to steal his lead.

Same Pony, Different Trick

In Nevada, union officials bring large crowds of workers off the Las Vegas Strip into one large room where they are all made to fill out their ballots in front of their union bosses.

Nothing like a little social pressure, huh?

Surely She Wouldn’t Stoop So Low?

Some might think that while Pelosi is a terrible lady, this would imply fraud on a massive scale that couldn’t possibly be concealed.

But remember that the media has essentially made itself an arm of the radical, hard left.

They didn’t murmur a word while she wrangled a $1 Trillion dollar relief effort for unemployed Americans and small businesses into a $2.2 trillion package with earmarks for leftist causes like the Kennedy Center and National Public Radio.

Make no mistake: if Pelosi controls the relief package, the Democrats are going to flip their key battleground states.  Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, and more are all in their site.  Add Bloomberg piling money into Democrat candidates pockets and we’re facing a rough November.

UNLESS Republicans grow a pair and STOP this madwoman and her relief package! If they don’t…it’s only a matter of time before they join 30 million Americans on unemployment, anyway.