Michigan Official Says ANY Protestors “Brandishing” Firearms At Protest Will Be Arrested

Lansing, MI — For folks who live outside Michigan, there’s a big rally planned for noon today and Governor Whitmer isn’t happy about it.

Whitmer has said that she is becoming ‘increasingly concerned about the violent nature of the comments being made’ and the ‘extreme rhetoric already connected to Thursday’s rally.’

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said ‘anyone brandishing them in such a way as to intimidate or threaten anyone else should be properly handcuffed, properly taken in and fingerprinted.”

Senate Majority Leader Shirkey

This despite the decades old rule that allows Michiganders who legally own and are legally carrying guns to enter their own capital building.

Shirkey continued,  “‘Law enforcement needs to take this upon their own hands.  When those brandishing activities occur, they need to be addressed and I’m calling on the attorney general and the governor to do so with the cooperation of the Michigan State Police.”

State Police have said they expect 200 to 300 people to attend today’s rally.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that they might be underestimating those numbers by about….well, at least 90%.

Whitmer Better Get Used To Losing

Governor Whitmer spent the last week trying to get the rule changed that allows armed citizens — who are legally carrying guns — to enter the Capital building with them.  She even got Attorney General Dana Nessel to say that the Capital Commission has the right to decide whether guns are allowed in the People’s House or not.

Unfortunately for Whitmer, the Capital Commission met on Monday to decide whether to ban guns in the Capital building but decided to form a committee, instead.  When Wretched Gretchen heard that she wouldn’t be able to ban guns ahead of today’s rally, she said that she was “very disappointed that the Capitol commission did not take action today to keep legislators safe.”

To help smooth things over, she has the Senate Majority Leader make a completely unfounded and illegal threats against the citizens who pay their salaries.  That should help.

What’s In A Word

Brandish:  The definition of a brandish is a menacing wave of something, particularly a weapon. An example of a brandish is the waving of a gun in the air. … Brandish means to shake or wave something in a menacing way, particularly a weapon. An example of to brandish is to twirl a sword around in the air.

So, if Michigan citizens — citizens who have been denied their ability to earn a living, denied the right to reside in their own lawfully owned homes, denied their right to visit their own healthy relatives, denied the right to pay their employees, denied the right to buy garden seeds to be able to feed themselves, denied the right to have medical services provided to them, etc etc etc — go to the capital, they need to be sure of one thing:  don’t let your guns wave one inch.

Because legislators don’t mind the carrying.  It’s the threatening waving of firearms they mind.


Prove that anybody at ANY of these protests nationwide was pointing or waving a gun in a menacing way at anybody else.

We’ll wait.

Because they weren’t.  Michigan’s elitist rulers have declared something to be illegal that just hasn’t happened.  Gun owners are taught at their first hunter’s safety course when they’re 12 years old not to handle a gun that way.

Further, gun owners are also aware that pointing or waving a gun at people is considered a threat, and that police can shoot people who are threatening people with a gun.

But just watch!  These cowardly tyrants will pretend that carrying a gun is the same thing as brandishing when they see that nobody is actually ‘brandishing’ anything.

Best Case Scenario

We hope there’s so many folks at the protest today that the State Police can’t arrest everybody who is carrying a gun on the false claim that they were ‘brandishing’ it.

But beyond today and beyond the Corona Virus, gun owners have to be working hard and fast ahead of this 2020 election.  These radical people hate our way of life and they hate that we can defend ourselves against them.

We all want a peaceful resolution to these things.  It’s time we use the legislative process to our advantage and hold our legislators feet to the political fire.