‘Mad Commie Mommie’ Who Threatened To Shoot People Not Wearing Masks Forced to Resign From School Board

Earlier this week, we told you how Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay had gone viral — and not in a good way.  The Doctor made a facebook post referencing ‘re-open protestors’ in Harrisburg, PA.  In the post, Dr. Raging, er, Rager said that she would use her legally permitted handgun to shoot and kill anybody who came within six feet of her without wearing a mask.

Yep.  For real.

While the media initially tried to spin the story to make Dr. Rage look like a pro-gun advocate, they missed the part where she had run for House Representative with the endorsement of Moms Demand Action.

Well, a week of outcry from law abiding Pennsylvania gun owners has Dr. Rage singing a new tune.  After facing intense criticism for her outlandish remarks, she is resigning from her position on the school board.

Of course, she has no intention of getting herself the mental help she needs.  No, she’s intent on blaming anybody but herself, as you can see in her bitter resignation letter.

As a result of a post l placed on social media, l have received threats against my personal and professional wellbeing that with great sorrow have compelled me to submit this letter of formal resignation from the Selinsgrove Area School District Board of Directors. For a position I am honored and passionate to serve, this is no easy decision and l feel it necessary to explain.

This private social media post, that Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz elected to capture and share, has confirmed the state of affairs that prompted me to post it in the first place. Our society is so divided and entrenched with the “you vs. me” selfish mentality, that we fail to recognize the level of hypocrisy this represents. Someone approaching me or my family not wearing a mask while in the midst of a pandemic, and refusing to back off if asked, represents a potentially deadly threat. Those who carry their rifles to rallies and protests speak so passionately about the right to personal defense, are the same ones now attacking me for boldly asserting that I would meet a deadly threat with deadly force. So why am I being crucified for practicing the same rights given by the Second Amendment, Stand Your Ground Law, and the Castle Doctrine?

Several of those criticizing me publicly are also demanding my resignation from the school board, including Commissioner Kantz, Gerald and Amy Stauffer, Todd Shimko and Boyd Martin. And while their comments are accusatory, and many others threatening, they do not get credit for my decision to resign. After spending a significant time praying and discussing with my husband, my ultimate decision is ironically the same reason I ran for school board, my family. No amount of inequity or injustice is worth the risk to my family and my profession. And if I must serve as the scapegoat to call attention to the extreme level of hatred and ignorance that exists and continues to pervade our community in attempt for reconciliation, I will gladly accept that burden. I can only apologize to those who have supported me and may share in my disappointment.

That’s the biggest load of bull we’ve read in months, and that’s saying something.

It’s the gun owners’ fault that she threatened to kill anybody not wearing a mask!   She is pretending that somebody who COULD represent a threat is the same thing as an IMMANENT threat to her life.

The difference between those two is something every single gun owner on the planet should understand before they ever pick up a gun.

In a just world, this lady would get Red Flagged very quickly.  But she’s a radical leftist who is a doctor, former school board member, and political candidate.  Basically, she’s immune to laws that the rest of us have to abide by.

But she’s not immune to the effects of concentrated political pressure.  Once again, it worked like a charm.