Gretchen Whitmer Claim Protestors Are Carrying Automatic Weapons–Provides No Evidence

At a press conference in Michigan on Tuesday, May 26th, Governor Whitmer made an outlandish claim in an attempt to distract the media from her terrible job performance. Specifically, she claimed that she’s seen ‘re-open’ protestors outside her house carrying  “automatic rifles”.

The Governor held the press conference in an effort to downplay rumors after a now-viral Facebook post landed her in hot water.  Her family’s boat docking company reported that her husband had called and asked for their boat to be put in the water in time for the holiday weekend.  When the company said they were swamped, Whitmer’s husband reportedly that he was the husband of the governor–and would that get him faster service?

While Whitmer said that her husband was only joking, she immediately tried to pivot the conversation to paint her family and herself as the victims.

Whitmer said, “My family has had men with automatic rifles standing in view of our front window outside our home.”

She didn’t offer any proof for her outlandish claim.  In fact, since most Democrats are notoriously ignorant about the guns they hate so much, she might not even realize what she said.

Whitmer likely doesn’t understand the difference between an “automatic” and “semi-automatic.” Still, they’re not even close to the same thing and it’s laughable how little the left understands about these inanimate objects they hate so much.

An automatic firearm shoots multiple rounds with one trigger pull.  They’re almost exclusively carried by the military.  In contrast, a semi automatic gun shoots one bullet per trigger pull and are almost all that is available to citizens.

Everybody Look At The Scary Guy Over There!

Whitmer is so far out of favor with her voters and with Americans in general that she’s desperate to deflect the heat.  Her husband’s elitist comments were an embarrassment, so she quickly tired to paint herself as the victim.  Never mind that she didn’t provide any proof that ANYBODY with ANY gun was outside her house.   Much less that they were carrying an automatic weapon.

No, she just needs everybody to buy her story so they’ll stop looking too closely at her and her family.  She can’t stand up under the weight of the scrutiny.