Game Over: Jackson, MS Mayor Drops Open Carry Ban Under Intense Pressure

It took national outcry, a verbal reprimand from the Mississippi attorney general, and a lawsuit brought by a Representative of the Mississippi House, but Mayor Lumumba has reversed course.  He is no longer pretending he can ban the open carry of firearms in his city.

Earlier this week, the mayor of Jackson, MS announced that he was banning the open carry of firearms for the duration of the Corona Virus  ‘state of emergency.  He claimed that the state of emergency gave him authority to ban open carry temporarily, but called on legislators to ban open carry permanently.

Just A Big Publicity Stunt.

Thankfully, the Attorney General of Mississippi weighed in and said that a mayor does not have authority–even in an emergency–to nullify the state Constitution.

On April 30th, Lumumba held a press conference announcing that he was extending the stay at home order another two weeks.  Forced to bow to gun owners and the law, he did not renew the offensive executive order from April 1st that included the ban on open carry.

Addressing the open carry ban, the mayor said, “My executive order has expired but illegal guns are still killing our people,” said Mayor Lumumba.

Standing at the podium, Lumumba was flanked by “hired anti-guns” from Moms Demand Action.  The mayor went on to say that his office had gotten support from anti-gun organizations, including Everytown for Gun Safety, Poor People’s Campaign, and more.

That is to say, Mike Bloomberg liked what he was doing.  After all, pretty much all of those anti-gun groups are fronts for Bloomberg and only exist because of his funding.

Victory for Now

For now, the gun-owning, law-abiding citizens of Jackson, Mississippi can open carry without fear that Lumumba will be able to charge them with a crime.

Watching our governing authorities handle the threat of the Corona Virus has been eye opening for many citizens.  And not just in Jackson, MS but nationwide.  If mayors will try to control the sale and transportation of guns because of a virus, what if we actually had a real emergency?  One not propped up by the media, that is.

Sheriffs, governors….all across the country, they need to get a wake-up call at the ballot box when they’re next up for reelection.  America doesn’t need tyrants in a time of crisis.  That’s not leadership, it’s dictatorship.

We’ll have none of it.