Corona Virus Masks Are Giving Thieves The Perfect Cover

Anti-Gun activists have made a fuss about the massive increase in gun purchases as the Corona crisis swept the country.  They insisted that more guns would mean more crime.  As of yet, that hasn’t materialized.

Ironically, the pervasive use of masks HAS caused an uptick in crime.  Just how much is not yet known, but for obvious reasons, robbers are loving the fact that they can have their mask in place walking into a building.  Where before they would have to put their mask on right outside the door and take it off again as soon as they left, now they can have them on before they even leave their house.

“People In Masks Cannot Be Trusted”

Case Number 1:  William Rosario Lopez was wearing a surgical mask each time as he walked into five different Connecticut convenience stores.  He followed a pattern:  he grabbed a few items and waited until all the other customers had left.  Then, he went up to the counter, pulled out a handgun and demanded the clerk empty the register.

The FBI says that Lopez’s spree lasted eight days before he was arrested on April 9th.   In each case, the clerk said that they hadn’t noticed him because he blended in with everybody else wearing a mask.
Case Number 2:  Two men walked into the Aqueduct Racetrack in New York, unnoticed in their surgical masks since many in the crowd were already wearing the same masks.   Except these two thugs robbed three workers at gunpoint exactly as they were moving money from the gaming machines to a safe.  This heist netted the robbers $250,000 and the case is still ongoing.
Richard Bell, Chief of Police in the small Pennsylvania town of Frackville says that he’s personally heard about seven different armed robberies near his jurisdiction where the robbers were wearing a mask.  Bell commented, “Criminals, they’re smart and this is a perfect opportunity for them to conceal themselves and blend right in.”
Meanwhile, police in North Carolina, Washington, D.C, and other places have also reported thefts by people wearing the same masks that huge portions of the population are wearing.
And as several states attempt to make mask wearing mandatory — such as New York — as part of any reopening efforts, the number of mask wearers might still be going up.

Not Just Robberies

And if robberies weren’t enough, Cook County Jail in Chicago had an embarrassing situation as a result of masking staff and inmates.  Jahquez Scott was doing time on a gun charge and for violating his bond.  Jahquez has tattoos of a heart on one cheek and dripping blood on the other cheek.  But once he put on a mask, those tattoos weren’t visible anymore.  He pretended to be a prisoner named Quintin Henderson — a man due to be released.

And Jahquez got away with it, at least for a while.  He escaped on May 2nd, but was captured a week later.

Another robbery occurred in Richland County, South Carolina where the man in this photo used a surgical mask to steal pharmaceutical drugs from a Rite-Aid pharmacy.

Harder For Police To Investigate

Instead of the public noticing and taking pictures or videos of people in masks, they’re totally ignored.  Additionally, in pre-Corona days, when a robber ran out of the store he’d just robbed, he’d remove his mask so he didn’t draw attention.  It was often in that quick minute that surveillance cameras nearby were able to get pictures of them.

But not any more!  They just keep their mask on and calmly walk out into the streets and join the rest of the mask-wearing public.

Chicago Police Department Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said, “Guys are like, ‘OK, I have to wear a mask, the police are not going to stop me on the way to a crime and back from a crime wearing a mask.  Now if you are going to commit a crime you can leave your house with a mask on and drive for an hour.”

The mask wearer blends in and draws almost no attention to themselves.  This makes it harder for eyewitnesses to make out any distinguishing traits, as well.

Tiffany Becker, who manages a Valero convenience store in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania is aware of the recent robberies at nearby stores.

“Before I would have called the police because having a mask wasn’t normal. Now it’s normal,” Becker said. “It’s scary because you can’t tell who is safe and who’s not.”

Where Are The Anti-Mask Organizations, Bloomberg?

As more and more Americans don masks — which we hope is a VERY temporary thing — there’s no outcry that these inanimate objects are making it easier for criminals to commit crimes.

That’s essentially what guns do, isn’t it?  Guns are an inanimate object that thugs and robbers use to break the law.  Anti-gun lunatics often blame the inanimate object, not the person using it.  “It’s the gun’s fault, not the poor boy holding it and pointing it at people’s heads!”

How come they’re not calling for a ban on masks?  They’re an inanimate object that thugs and robbers are now using to pull off their crimes!

Both guns and masks can save lives if used as intended.  Both guns and masks can be used illegally to break the law.

But only one of these things is hated by the left.  That’s because gun control is not about stopping crime.  It’s not about the inanimate object.  It’s about control.

Gun control advocates want to have all the power and the people to have none.