Child’s Toy Gun Visible During Zoom Call Ends With Cops Interrogating Parents On Front Lawn

Chalk another one up the mental disease that is radical leftism.

Sheila Perez Smith of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and her family were shocked to answer the knock at the front door to see the police standing on her front step.

Earlier in the day, her seven-year-old son had completed a Zoom video call with his classroom — a fixture of the Covid-19 Classroom experience.  Moments after the class ended, Mrs. Smith had gotten an “urgent” email from her son’s first grade teacher.

Apparently, the young boy had gotten a new toy gun.  It was his favorite thing to play with, so when his classroom Zoom call began, he set it on the table near the computer.  It was in view of the camera during the classroom call.

Mrs. Smith explained what happened next:  “Another parent had been very uncomfortable by the fact that the gun had been in view of the zoom call. It’s such an innocent thing that someone used to make a judgment and an accusation.”

As though an adult snitching on a child’s toy isn’t laughably terrible enough, the teacher had to send an “urgent” email to appease the terrified snitch.

The Situation Escalates Unnecessarily

Then the knock at the front door came.

“The police officer came to our door right after breakfast and asked us to step outside of our home as a result of the zoom call,” Sheila Smith said.

Mr. Smith reassured the officer that there were no guns near the children — in fact there were no real guns in the house at all!  Only the new toy gun!

Not good enough!   “He essentially lectured us on child safety and the fact that our children are too young to interact with any guns and weapons,” the Smith’s recounted.  It didn’t matter that the gun in question was only a toy, they still had to be lectured out side their house by the cops.

“I said, this is a toy. No one is unsafe in our home. Everyone is safe and well and healthy,” she said. “They took it very seriously as if there was some sort of chance we had weapons in the home.”

Obviously, the kids were scared to death, waiting inside the house to see if their parents were going to be hauled away in handcuffs.

“They were scared their parents were going to go to jail that day for something that was completely untrue,” Sheila Smith said.

After blustering a while, the cop realized that he  couldn’t cite the family and eventually left them in peace.

“What really troubled me was the fact that someone made a claim, an accusation with zero facts,” she said. “It was completely bogus and it left our kids really scared.”

Going forward, the Smith family won’t be partaking in any more classroom Zoom activities.  “We opted out of zoom calls,” Mrs. Smith said.

Hysteria Gone Too Far

This sort of snitching on neighbors has always been a tactic of the radical left.  From Socialist Russia to today, if you see somebody doing something you don’t like, just call the cops!

How on earth could any adult mistake a child’s gun for a real gun?  And take note: accusations that can bring police to a family’s home are allowed to be anonymous.  There are no consequences or reprimands for the busybody who decided to use the police to enforce their anti-gun agenda.

One thing the Smith family could also consider is homeschooling.  If your kids spend all day around people who hate guns and hate America, they’ll grow up sharing those values instead of your values.

If nothing else, you’d get your kids away from snitches and busybodies like that!  Heck, you can even make ‘range day’ count as P.E.