California Mass Shooting Prevented — No Thanks To Red Flags Or Tight Gun Control Laws

Upland, CA — A former resident was charge with making violent threats against his employer and coworkers on Tuesday, May 26th.   The employee had been placed on furlough from his job at a tire warehouse due to Covid 19.

Police reported that just minutes after Eder Simiano made the criminal threats on April 13th, his employer called the police.  Police responded to the call to the 4900 block of 4th street — where the employer reported that Simiano had made ‘criminal threats.’   He reportedly threatened to come back and ‘make them sorry’ they let him go.  But by the time police arrived, Simiano had taken off.

Police described Simianao as a “transient previously from Upland who owned guns and frequented areas in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.”

After weeks of searching, Simiano was found after officers ran the plate number of a car sitting at an intersection.  When they pulled Simiano over, they found the illegally owned guns and ammunition.

Police records indicate that Simiano pleaded not guilty last week to four counts of making criminal threats and one count of a prohibited person in possession of ammunition.

No Red Flag Needed And Gun Control Didn’t Help

For some reason, people in the past would ignore when disturbed individuals made threats to kill people.  Thankfully, they’re not ignoring the threats anymore.

But notice that Simiano’s actions –making violent threats– were already a crime.  Once the crime had been committed, the police had probable cause to investigate.  It was this investigation that turned up the illegally owned guns and ammunition.

They didn’t need to act before a crime was committed.  They didn’t take any guns away without cause or without due process.

And most ironically of all, their ‘strict gun control’ didn’t do a thing to prevent this violent person from getting their hands on a weapon.

No, the laws we already have on the books work just fine.  Simiano didn’t return to shoot up his coworkers and we didn’t have to shred the Constitution to deescalate the situation.