BREAKING: Virginia City Councils Flip Red, Democrat Strongholds Topple After Northam’s Gun Control, Corona Lockdown

There’s a glimmer of hope for gun owners in Virginia as two key Democrat stronghold cities flipped red in their City Council elections on Tuesday, May 19th.  The hope is that the pattern will be repeated in the November elections, giving gun owners in Virginia a fighting chance against Ralph Northam and the new Democrat majority.

Staunton, VA and Waynesboro, VA both went to the polls last night with higher than normal turnout for a May election — especially during a pandemic.  A local political pundit, Chris Graham, made the comment that back in 2016 (the last time four seats were up for election) there were 6,325 votes cast.   On Tuesday, in the middle of a pandemic, there were 17,279 votes cast.

The local politico went on to say that the Democrats had worked hard to get out their vote…but that Republicans had simply gotten more of theirs out.

Graham went on to point out that Staunton voters had backed Obama both times and Hillary Clinton in 2016.    Meanwhile, in the 2013 election, voters in the Shenandoah Valley had gone for Democrats McAuliffe.  In 2017 they went to Northam.

But this year, the Republican party was out in force over gun control — presumably with many Democrats joining the #WalkAway movement.

And it wasn’t just Staunton, but nearby Waynesboro saw the city council flip red, as well.

Graham gives his thoughts on that:

The conservative slates in both cities ran as a unit and highlighted the Second Amendment as a key issue in their campaigns. Bottom line is that the strategies worked, flipping both from D to R, but the change in Staunton is stunning almost beyond words.

Our Hope Is In The Grassroots

The anti-gun crowd came crowing into 2020.  Their purchased election in November had given them the upper hand — thanks in no small part to Big Daddy Bloombucks’s giving them a $2.5 million dollar war chest.

But now these anti-gun guys are facing an angry populace.  Bloomberg isn’t here to help them face angry neighbors and voters.

What will happen in Virginia this November?  Hopefully, more of the same.  The Democrats have not only shown their hand, they’ve overplayed it.

Two races are worth keeping a close eye on:  Rep. Abigail Spanberger was elected in the 7th Congressional District thanks to Bloomberg’s help.  Another Rep., Elaine Luria was elected in the 2nd Congressional District as well.  These two districts have historically voted conservative.  Their flipping blue was unexpected and the voters in those ares don’t typically sympathize with their anti-gun agenda.

Keep The Heat Up!

EVERY gun owner in the state –in the country!! — needs to make it part of their daily lives to be contacting and pressuring their elected officials.  Have a great legislator?  Call and thank them.  Tell them to keep it up and to ignore the arrows in the back they’re likely getting from other weak-kneed Republicans.

If you’ve got a weak-willed, cowardly Republican who is willing to sell out our American values to keep his chair, call him and tell him he’s toast in the next election if he doesn’t grow a spine — fast!

If you’ve got an anti-gun legislator, join a pro-gun state organization who can help concentrate LOTS of pressure on them while building up better candidates.

The radical, anti-gun Democrats might slow down their steam-rolling of Virginia’s gun owners in light of some of these losses, but we are NOT going to forget what they’ve done to Virginia, because we know they want to do it everywhere!