BREAKING: Oklahoma’s Governor Stitt Signs Anti-Red Flag Bill Into Law

Gun owners in Oklahoma should be proud as heck this morning.  While other pro-gun states have cancelled legislative sessions and avoided passing any pro-gun legislation, Oklahoma’s grassroots gun owners have scored a major victory for their gun rights.

Late on Tuesday afternoon, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed Senate Bill 1081 into law.  This bill made it illegal for towns or cities in Oklahoma to try to pass a Red Flag or Emergency Risk Protection Order in their jurisdiction.   Even better, the law goes into effect immediately!

The bill is being hailed as the first ‘anti-red flag’ law in the country.  The two sponsors of the bill, Senator Nathan Dahm and Representative Jay Steagall recognized the threat that Red Flag gun confiscation laws represent to our gun rights.

In an op-ed piece that he wrote, Dahm explained his reasons for filling the bill.

In the midst of a new wave of constitutionally illiterate politicians trying to erase the Bill of Rights, the time is now for conservatives across the country to embrace a bolder, stronger strategy to defending the Second Amendment.

Washington’s never-ending obsession with shredding our right to keep and bear arms has gone on long enough. This is why I recently introduced Senate Bill 1081 in the state Senate, a bill that represents the aggressive legislative approach America needs. The bill, titled the “Anti-Red Flag Act,” would nullify any new attempt from the federal government to bring red flag laws to the Sooner State.

We couldn’t agree more!  Oklahoma’s gun owners already enjoy the Constitutional carry that became law in November of 2019 and now they don’t have to worry about Red Flag laws!

We Can’t All Move To Oklahoma

There’s a lesson for the rest of the country, here.  Oklahoma is a red state, sure, but there are red states all over this country where complacency has set in.  They don’t feel like the left has much chance of taking away their gun rights, so they’ve fallen asleep.

But that sense of complacency shoudn’t mean inaction!   Virginia is the perfect example of what happens when sleepy, inactive gun owners are lulled to sleep because they don’t feel threatened!

If you live in one of those sleepy red states, NOW is the time to PUSH for better gun laws!  Demand Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry!  Join a pro-gun organization that’s working in your state to move the fight against gun control in our favor!