WATCH: Thugs Try To Rob Apartment In Broad Daylight–But Owner Was Home With A Gun

Neptune Beach, FL –The entire country knows that everybody is home right now, right? If you’re a criminal, you know that now, more than ever, you’re likely to run into an angry homeowner if you break in.  Even non-criminals can put that together.  But to try a daytime robbery in the “gunshine” state when people are already on edge and uneasy?

That’s what these three goons in Florida tried on Tuesday, April 14th.  They picked a random apartment in the Park Place apartment complex at 1000 Third St. in Neptune Beach.  From there, the homeowners camera caught the whole thing and it makes for amusing footage!

The three thugs charged up to the apartment door, intent on robbery.  Luckily for the homeowner, the first and second blows against the door didn’t get them into the door.  But they DID give the homeowner advance notice of what was going on.

Watch what happened from there:

It’s amazing how these three wanna be tough guys –who likely outnumber the unsuspecting homeowner three to one — changed their tune within five seconds!  That’s what a gun will do for even the tiniest person.  They really are the great equalizers.

Police say that one of the men was hit by one of the homeowner’s shots.  His friends brought him to Baptist Medical Center Beaches in a silver Pontiac four-door sedan.   Of course, they just dropped him off and left him there.

Meanwhile, police say two of the thugs left the apartment complex in a red KIA four door sedan.  Police later found both the KIA and the Pontiac but are still looking for the uninjured perps.

Carry Every Day, Even At Home In Broad Daylight

It’s just plain funny to watch those guys go from macho to airborne once a gun enters the picture.  But it’s a darn good thing that this homeowner was ready for the unthinkable.  He didn’t think hesitate  when he heard those two thuds on the front door.  And that might have just saved his life.