Store Employee Held Without Bond in Virginia After Using a Gun to Defend Himself Against Three Attackers

Arlington, VA–Well, if you want to rage about the anti-gun tyrants in Virginia, here’s your daily fuel.

An Arlington, Virginia smoke shop employee is in jail this morning and is being held without bond after using a gun to stop three men who broke into his store shortly before 5:00 am on Sunday morning.

The Smoke Shop In Arlington, VA

The store owner, Jowan Zuber, is backing his employee 100%, and says he was only defending himself.  The owner reported that his employee, 33-year-old Hamzeh Abushariah, “was sleeping in the store in order to practice social distancing due to the Corona virus pandemic.”

Owner Zuber reported that shortly after 4:30 in the morning, three men wearing masks broke into his store in the 2400 block of Shirlington. Neighbors confirmed the story.  “The neighbor upstairs said when they broke the window it sounded like a car smashing into the store. The employee said it sounded like a shotgun.”

Scared for his life, Abushariah heard the break in from the back room.  He opened a door and looked into the store.  He saw a masked man walking around the store.  Abushariah shot three times at the men, “trying to scare them” according to the store owner.  He retreated back into his room, but a minute later, he went into the storefront again and fired one more shot.

One of this bullets wounded one of the men.  Still, his shooting caused the other to men to run off in fear.

How Is The Victim The One In Jail?

How is this not a clear case of self defense?  Well, we don’t know yet.  The police haven’t released their official report yet.  All we can hypothesize is that the police discovered that the gun Abushariah used belonged to the store owner.  The owner said he kept it in his store during open hours in case of a robbery.  Since Abushariah was spending the night there, the owner hadn’t bothered to take it home.

But it wasn’t Abushariah’s gun. Was that the reason for this arrest?  We don’t know.

So Arlington County Police have charged Abushariah with “malicious wounding, reckless handling of a firearm, and violation of a protective order” and he is being held without bail.

The store owner responded to the arrest and lockup of his employee, saying, “This is very sad. I was born in Arlington, I pay taxes. The gun is registered and everything is perfect. But I can’t believe as American citizens, we are being treated like this. And this gets the criminals out there [thinking] ‘We can go rob stuff, kill people and hurt people and guess what, people have to run out the back door’. This is mind-boggling.”

Check out Tucker Carlson’s treatment of the incident last night:


Virginia is Tanking, and Fast

It’s hard to believe how fast Virginia has gone from a conservative, pro-gun state to the liberal hell-hole that Ralph Northam, and his Bloomburg-purchased majority have turned it into.

Every state needs to see how quickly the left can decimate your rights and leave you defenseless.  This man is sitting in jail this morning while thousands of criminals have been released in fear of the Corona Virus.  Think about that for a minute. Almost every state in this country is an election or two away from being Virginia.

Fight like your lives depend on it, because for this Virginia citizen, it does.