Republican Governor of Massachusetts Closes All Gun Stores, Reversing Previous Decision, Despite Trump Administration Guidelines

Boston, MA–In an enraging turn of events, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has closed the doors of gun stores and all federally licensed firearms dealers in the state.   This comes as a reversal of his earlier policy, which aligned with the Trump administration’s guidelines calling gun stores ‘essential.’

We reported how the Department Of Homeland Security announced on Saturday, March 28th that gun stores were considered “essential businesses” and thus could remain open for business.  Shortly thereafter, Republican Governor Charlie Baker updated Massachusetts’s official Covid-19 guidance to match the current information from the Department of Homeland Security.

You can see a screenshot of it on their website here:

Sounds great so far!

Gun owners and those who wanted to become gun owners were elated!  They could still purchase a gun and ammunition if they wanted and didn’t need to worry about being able to defend themselves.

But it wasn’t to last.  Just a few hours later, the wording allowing gun stores was struck from the official state website.  Not all of the DHS’s statement, which would have meant that the state was reverting back to their own standard. JUST the section on gun stores.

This Wasn’t An Accidental Oversight

When approached for clarification on the reversal, the governor’s office replied that gun stores were closed “to keep as many people home as possible.”

But hold on here.  Liquor stores are allowed to stay open, and that’s without a whole freaking Amendment in the Constitution protecting the right to drink!

And that’s not all Baker did.  Baker has ordered all gun stores in the state to close their doors.  But he has also said that gun stores are “ineligible” to receive emergency small-business loans from the government to help them through these rough times.  So they’re prevented by law from selling any merchandise, but also prevented by law from receiving the same help that other small business are getting!

What the ever-loving hell sort of deal is this?

If THIS Is A Republican, How Much Worse Can A Democrat Be?

You know, we’re non-partisan when it comes to calling a spade a spade.  And Republican Charlie Baker just kicked gun owners in the teeth.  Worse, he gutted gun store owners.

This while radical anti-gun leftists like Democrat Gov. Murphy of New Jersey and Democrat Gov. Wolf of Pennsylvania are allowing gun stores to be open!

This is why a ‘moderate’ Republican who is soft on guns is as bad–or worse–than a Democrat.  At least with the Democrat, gun owners know to stay alert and hold his feet to the fire.  With a snake like this, gun owners are apt to let it pass because he’s from the ‘right party.’

That didn’t work for Virginia.  It hasn’t worked for Massachusetts. It will NEVER work!