Man Strangles, Beats His Girlfriend But When He Returns to Finish the Job, Her Landlord Has a Gun…

Reno, NV — An abusive thug learned the hard way that he won’t always be the biggest badass in town.  On Sunday, April 5th, police officers got a call around 2:00 pm to 2625 Yori Avenue.  The caller said reported that one man on site had been shot.

When they arrived, the officers connected this shooting with an earlier call to the Reno Police Department. A woman had called to report that she had been beaten and strangled by her boyfriend.  The man had run off before the police arrived, but they told her to call them back if he returned or was threatening her.

Several hours later, the 39-year-old man did return, this time looking to punish the woman for calling the cops on him.  When he arrived at the complex, he was already in a rage.

On the way to the woman’s apartment, the suspect aggressively confronted the landlord.  The landlord felt like his life was in danger.  He drew his handgun and shot the man one time.

When police and paramedics arrived, they transported the man to the hospital.  He later died of his injuries.  His name has not been released pending notification of family.

You Don’t Think Your Job Is Dangerous…Until It Is

The odds are good that this landlord had no idea what the couple were arguing about–or even that they had been arguing.  He didn’t know that thug was coming around in a murderous rage.

But he did know that if something were to go sideways on any random day, the cops couldn’t make it there in time and he’d be on his own.  He had prepared — both physically and mentally — for this terrible situation.  And now he and the woman are alive to talk about it!

Crazy stuff is happening all across the country.  Be ready to defend yourself and your family.  Watch out for each other out there.