Man Blames Trunk Full Of Guns, Bulletproof Vest on John Wick–Florida Man Strikes Again

Just when you think you’ve heard all the good ones, Florida Man shows up to prove you wrong.

Police say that a woman called the police to say that her boyfriend, Getro Gelin, 27, had threatened her with a gun.

When Police arrived, they searched Gelin’s gray Porsche SUV. That’s when they found a Glock 21, a Kevlar vest, and a semi-automatic rifle.   Not a bad trunk of supplies to have, so long as you weren’t planning to threaten your girlfriend.


This sort of stop could be a daily occurrence for police officers in Florida….but it was Gelin’s explanation that caught them off guard.

When asked why he had the guns and vest in his car, Gelin said that he had recently sold that car to his cousin, John Wick.

Yes, the hero from the movie series known for being short on plot line but long on guns and shooting sequences.  We’ve seen them all of course, and while it’s good, clean, fun….it’s not real.  When pressured, Gelen admitted that his cousin wasn’t actually John Wick,

After officers called this obvious bluff, Gelin admitted to that he did not actually have a cousin named John Wick.  He continued to refuse to give the real name of who owned the guns.

Since he’d recently threatened to kill his girlfriend, Gelin and his trunk guns were locked up and are waiting for trial. He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

We’re doubtful his cousin will be along to spring him out any time soon.