Joe Biden Says School Shootings Are Down Because of Covid-19 But He Misses the Point By A Mile

In a twitter post yesterday, Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth yet again.  He commented how terrible it was that school shootings in America only stopped because school is cancelled due to the Chinese Virus.

Check out his tweet here:

Talk about somebody whose critical thinking skills not exactly the stuff of legend.

Joe missed the point that those kids all went home.  To their houses.  Where there are more than 350 MILLION guns.  Heck, 3.7 million more were added to American homes in the month of March alone!

But now that he mentioned it, that’s not a bag plug for the homeschoolers of the world.  They’re in no danger of being shot in a school shooting, and also no danger of being taught to think like the anti-American socialist Joe Biden, here.

Desperate For Headlines

You just want to holler at him, “Keep your pandering!  You’re a corrupt old buffoon whose family should have the decency to pull off the campaign trail before your dementia gets much worse.”

Because while the entire nation is focused on the Chinese Virus and how President Trump and the nation’s governors are handling it, Joe’s campaign manager is getting antsy.  His staff are probably telling him to comment right along so people don’t forget he exists.   Sorry, Joe.  This was a swing…and a miss.