James Woods Tells Alyssa Milano That Dangerous Times Are When Smart Americans “Buy More Ammo!”

Conservative actor James Woods wasn’t impressed with actress Alyssa Milano’s recent screed about gun control.

Milano made headlines on Thursday when she posted a tween bemoaning the fact that Americans bought a lot of guns to protect themselves during a national crisis.   Self-absorbed much?

Check out her tweet here:

“Americans bought over 2 million firearms in March of 2020, over a million more than this time last year,” wrote Milano.

She went on to say, “We have to keep each other safe by social distancing and washing our hands and not bringing dangerous firearms into our homes,” she wrote, adding the hashtags, #StopTheCoronavirusGunSurge and #NoRA.

Sure, lady!  You go ahead and fire all your security staff or at least make them stop carrying guns and then we’ll take your grandstanding seriously.

Clap Back Inbound

James Woods shot right back at entitled Milano.

“Thank you for the reminder.  When the looting starts, always be prepared. Buy more ammo!”   Woods put the smack down on Milano’s elitist ideas.

She deserves to be safe and protected behind her mansion’s walls with her armed security guards.  But we losers down here at the bottom need to shut up, stop buying guns and just dial 9-1-1!  Empty-headed leftists always think their ideas are the best.

But Wood hit the nail on the head: this IS a dangerous time to be an American citizen!  We should stock up even more!

Some Americans were buying because the social unrest could get really ugly really fast.  And if you live in the wrong neighborhood, it could go sideways in the blink of an eye.

But wise gun owners also know that governments often uses any crises to take away more gun rights–or in the case of Covid 19, all of our right!

Buzz off, Milano.  American gun owners have more ammo to buy and they’re tired of looking at ya!