Georgia’s Marjorie Greene Releases Explosive Second Amendment Ad

Rome, Georgia — Long-time Second Amendment advocate and now Republican Congressional candidate in Northwest Georgia, Marjorie Greene, has just released an EXPLOSIVE Second Amendment campaign ad.

You may remember Marjorie Greene before she was running for office as she fought against “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation last year in Washington, DC.

Now she’s set Northwest Georgia on fire with her firebrand style of grassroots campaigning … and willingness to take the fight to the socialist Democrats in DC.

Her Republican primary election is scheduled for May 19.

Here is the script for the entire ad entitled: “Marjorie Green: Save America. Stop Socialism.”

I’m Marjorie Greene and I approve this ad.

America’s the greatest country in the world.

We need conservatives in Washington that will keep it that way.

I’m running to stop gun control, open borders, the green new deal.

And socialism.

Democrats fight for their socialist agenda every single day.

I’ll fight even harder to stop them.

I’m Marjorie Greene, Republican for Congress.

Save America. Stop Socialism.

You can check here out here: