Federal Judge Rules California Gun Store Shutdown Is Fine, Won’t Force Counties to Open Them

Ventura County, CA — A liberal judge in California doesn’t want gun stores open in California.  Gun owners are shocked, of course, at this realization!  Not really.  This is a bitter pill they’ve had to swallow time and time again.

Judge Consuelo B. Marshall of the District Court for the Central District of California refused to grant a restraining order against Ventura County.  A restraining order would have kept them from shuttering the gun stores in their jurisdiction during the Corona Virus scare.

Judge Marshall said in her ruling, “While the public interest is served by protecting Second Amendment rights, the public interest is also served by protecting the public health by limiting the spread of a virulent disease.”

Three other legal opinions have come out in light of the Covid 19 scare, and more are sure to come.  For now, the results are mixed:  Judge Marshall in California has ruled in favor of closing gun stores.  And in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court allowed Governor Tom Wolf to close gun stores.  Wolf later reversed his decision to be in alignment with the Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines on what businesses were essential, but the legal decision stands.

Gun owners had a victory in North Carolina, however, when the courts ordered Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker to being processing concealed carry permits again.   Previously, once the Wake County sheriff’s office had closed to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, citizens were unable to do the required paperwork.  This left them functionally without the Second Amendment.

That doesn’t bother Judge Marshall on bit.  She’s a liberal Federal Judge in California.  If she had a conscience, it died a long time ago.

Where Does This Threat End?

Let’s consider a few thoughts on this:

Firstly, the flu kills between 30,000 and 60,000 people a year in the United States.  This judge could easily view that annual threat as a cause to “limit the spread of a virulent disease” and close gun stores every flu season!

Secondly, since California requires that all gun sales be done through a Federal Firearms dealer with an FFL, this move of closing gun stores essentially kills the Second Amendment.  Dead.  Gone.  No ability to acquire a gun to defend yourself or your family no matter what kind of threat you’re facing until a judge grants it back to you.

Normally, we’d be outraged, and in principle, we are.  But hopefully this is a wake up call for the voters in California.  They voted for these policies and now they’re biting them in the rear end!

Unchecked, radical leftists will leave you helpless, begging the government for food, shelter, and protection.  Ask every other leftist hell hole country.