Everytown Shows Their Hand, Encourages Authorities To Close Gun Stores In Their States–So Much For “Common Sense Gun Control!”

If you ever get into an argument with one of those Mad Commie Mommies or the Everytown for Gun Safety crowd, they’ll rush to tell you that they have no desire to take your guns away.  No, they just want “common sense” gun control!  You don’t like children dying from gun violence, do you?  Why not use some common sense gun control?

But a document published recently by Everytown for Gun Safety shows that line of arguing to be a lie.  Worse, it’s a clever tactic designed to move the conversation to the left.  After all, who wants to say they’re opposed to ‘common sense’?

All The Rights Need To Be Equally Trashed, No Sparing the Second Amendment!

You can check out the whole document here. It’s worth a read if you have a strong stomach.

Everytown’s press release was addressed to “State and Local Officials Responsible for Promulgating and Enforcing COVID-19 Emergency Closure Orders”.   In it, Everytown argued that because other rights were being infringed during the Covid-19 crisis such as the right to assemble, the right to travel freely, and more.

Here’s a quote:  “New York, for example, has closed not only gun stores but also, to name a few, bookstores, marriage license bureaus, social clubs, and performing arts centers—all of which places notable burdens on constitutional rights.

They go on to say that if states don’t close gun stores, they’re essentially making the Second Amendment a ‘super-right’ and elevating it above the others.   Their argument is, essentially, “The Second Amendment needs to be infringed like every other right  during the Chinese Virus scare!”

These people are totally insane.  What’s worse?  They’re dangerous.  These ideas are dangerous.  People get killed by ideas like these.  Governments ‘suspending citizens rights for a crisis’ has cost millions of lives.  Germany’s Article 48 comes to mind.

We’ll Give You Your Gun Rights Back Later!

If that argument wasn’t flimsy enough, Everytown’s letter to civil authorities continued on to say that the fact that the rights were only being denied temporarily meant they weren’t really being violated.

Everytown said, “…it is important to bear in mind that the Second Amendment does not guarantee a right to acquire a gun immediately, at any time, on demand.

They went further.  “Given that it is lawful to temporarily delay firearm purchases in the ways described above, it follows that state and local officials do not violate the law by temporarily delaying such activity as part of a general suspension of vast swaths of retail and other commercial businesses to address an urgent public-safety crisis.

This is preposterous.  Imagine if we changed the right to a different one.  ‘We have the right to go to the grocery store.’  If it is ‘temporarily’ suspended until we starve to death, you wouldn’t say that we still ‘have the right to go to the grocery store’.  Everytown would, apparently!

People want to buy guns because they’re facing a threat.  Taking away their right to buy a gun until after the threat has passed would destroy that right.

Showing Their True Colors

Everytown has made an art of saying that they are still pro-Second Amendment, still pro gun.  They paint themselves as reasonable, as only wanting to pass “common sense gun control”.

This document of theirs shows that to be a lie.  They want to crush and destroy the Second Amendment.  They don’t care what it does to the Constitution.  And they don’t care if people die as a result!

They just want to take away all guns and the right to use them, forever.