Canada To Ban “Assault Weapons”, Using Recent Tragedy As Political Cover For Tyranny

Canadian officials are very close to passing an ‘assault weapons’ ban, possibly as soon as next week.  Insiders in Ottawa say to expect an announcement as soon as tomorrow.

Sources say that the gun ban would affect 11 categories of guns, including the AR-15, the M4, M14 and M16 assault rifles.  The ban would outlaw several guns that are popular with Canadians, including the CZ Scorpion, Beretta CX4 Storm and Swiss Arms Classic Green.

The ban would affect 125,000 guns and turn the owners of those guns into criminals overnight.

Long promised by the Liberal party, this gun ban can be passed without any new legislation, but simply by a vote by the cabinet in session.  As in Christchurch, New Zealand, anti-gun cabinet members are rushing their tyranny along so that the people don’t have time to mount any objection.

That’s Not All

What worse, there is talk that still more gun control legislation will be coming down the pipe after the assault weapons ban.  This other gun control includes legislation that would allow individual cities to make laws banning handguns.  It also includes new penalties for owning the soon-to-be banned guns.

Sources in Ottawa say there is already a funding bill of nearly $250 million dollars for mandatory buybacks of the banned guns.  Gun owners know that number won’t come close to making fair restitution to Canadian gun owners.  After all, the government has to pay all those bureaucrats to organize the confiscation of all those guns!

Using Victims As Political Kindling

This longtime dream of globalist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is bad news for Canadians.  And just like in America, New Zealand and other countries, the anti-gun crowd isn’t ashamed of using a tragedy to ram through their gun control.

Last Sunday, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman went on a rampage, killing 23 people at sixteen different crime scenes across Nova Scotia. Canadian media and Justin Trudeau himself have made hay with this tragedy.

But they don’t mention that nine of those people were killed when Wortman burnt them to death in their homes.  Somehow, nobody is talking about banning matches or gasoline.  They also omit the fact that killer Wortman was already legally prevented from owning a gun at all.  But Trudeau doesn’t like to talk about gun control failures when he’s trying to take advantage of the crisis.

Just today, Trudeau said, “We have long been committed to strengthening gun control in this country, including banning military style-assault weapons. There is no need in Canada for guns designed to kill the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time.”

Unless you’re trying to stop a maniac like Gabriel Wortman.  But hey, we’re just crazy, rebellious Americans, so what do we know?

A Warning To America

So there you have it.  Anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau finally found the tragedy he can use to spring launch his gun control.

Be on your guard, Americans!  Our own leaders are using their emergency powers during the Corona Virus scare to get away with all sorts of anti-gun, anti-freedom actions.  From shutting down gun stores to stopping the issuance of carry permits, our leaders aren’t above using an emergency to advance their political agenda.

And they’re going to notice if Canadian politicians get away with this.