Los Angeles Sheriff: I’m Releasing 600 Inmates From Jail But You Shouldn’t Buy A Gun

Los Angeles, CA–The Sheriff of Los Angeles County, CA apparently doesn’t know what is the meaning of the word irony.  Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva held a press conference on Monday, March 16th announcing their plan for how to handle the problem of crime during the Corona Virus scare.

  1.  Release inmates from the prisons who are near the end of their terms or who are not likely to reoffend.
  2.  Publicly announce that you won’t be arresting people for petty crimes or even coming to 9-1-1 calls for those.
  3.  Discourage the citizenry from buying guns or ammo during the most social instability most of them can recall.

That’s really his plan.  Not even kidding.

No Longer Tough On Crime

Since the press conference last Monday, the Sheriff has kept his word.  600 prison inmates have been released into the public, and arrests for petty crime are down 80% in a single week!

All of this was done to protect these criminals from the possibility of the Corona Virus spreading through the prison system.  Villaneuva didn’t mention that not a single prisoner in the system has been diagnosed with as having the virus.  Further, only 35 prisoners are even being monitored for the virus out of more than 17,000.

Why the rush to release them?  Villaneuva said that the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California had been urging them to hasten the prisoner release.  Their quote to the Sheriff’s department was, “People in jails are highly vulnerable to outbreaks of contagious illnesses. They are housed in close quarters and are often in poor health,’ the union said.

Maybe they should have thought of that before they committed a crime?

But No Need to Protect Yourself From These Criminals!

But besides releasing criminals and ignoring crime on the street, Villaneuva went one step further and said that the residents of his county didn’t need to be buying guns at this time.   He said, “Buying guns is a bad idea.” His reasoning was that people cooped up in their houses are more likely to get ‘cabin fever’ and do something stupid with their guns.  “You’ve got a crowded environment, people are at home, weapons are not a good idea.”

He actually said that. You can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t forget that California already has the worst gun control in the country, and that Los Angeles County has additional requirements on top of the state requirements which serve to make it nearly impossible for the average Joe to carry a gun.  And still this Sheriff acts like gun owners are dangerous and volatile.

Enough is Enough

How much longer until the tipping point is reached and people finally wake up?  We hope it’s soon, because the left would see crime rise across the board thanks to their socialist policies and STILL blame gun owners and STILL try to take our rights away.